Jan 28

Neo Liberal on the Conservative wing
Great job: Syriza’s Tsipras has destroyed >€50bn market capitalization of #Greece’s stock mkt in his first 2days.

@Someone Him personally. Greek voters nowt to do with it. Why do neo Libs personalise everything?

The point here is a) he changed his tweet to 5Bn although since neo Liberals generally go with what number suits them neither figure that important b) er what he personally trashed bank shares? Surely they should have collapsed as election went entirely with the polls? Also he is essentially decrying bank shares dropping as they may lose their state backing. This guy wrote a book on the evils of the state but of course the role of the state is to nationalise debt. The neo Liberals, sorry Labour fans, do not care for sick people or to educate the poor other countries can do that on their own tab so we can exploit it whilst reducing the poor to scavengers on the anvil of Austerity.

I read a lot of Labour fans tweet Cameron has done this or that and even the NHA party. I tend to only aim at them when they make personal statements like un-encrypting the internet or the latest fascistic quote from Theresa May. As much to show that the spokespeople for Corporates/Oil/Banks are just that and have no idea what they are talking about. Even the increasingly ridiculous and vicious POTUS I try to use Obama Administration except when referring to something their chief spokesperson said himself. It’s one thing to attack their ridiculous statements but more of what they do is a collective and done by Govt apparatus that will be there when they’re gone. To attack a leader because idiots still held Greek Bank Shares expecting infinite state aid and no risk is bananas but typical.

I don’t know why the media climate is so personalised and febrile I suspect it’s an ad hom’ thing that it is easier to attack people than ideas. That when your ideas are bankrupt and cannot work you aim your ire at your opponent to pretend your position is more moral – no don’t ask me why but the neo Libs love being sententious. It’s much easier to hate people on the other side when you agree on so much as Cameron and Miliband and Blair and Brown so clearly do.  For instance the child like attacks on Alex Salmond for putting a case for Scottish independence as neo Libs fell over themselves to cry about this as a personal slight.

I guess to demonise an enemy doing something as even right wing economics judges would agree needs doing in Greece is the only desperate resort of neo Lib fans. Indeed many who obstensibly agree try to predict SYRIZA losing popularity which appears the main problem according to the neo Libs. It [neo Liberalism] is a lunatic cult that cannot control its emotions it seems.

Is its success due to it plying the human weakness to feel superior? All opponents dismissed with a line of purest zero meaning rhetoric.

Next week I’ll define what I call a neo Liberal.

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Jan 20

Why are GCHQ collecting every piece of info they can on everyone they can? Apparently it is to protect us from Paedophiles, Terrorists & Drug Dealers. When Terrorists did not work they added Paedophiles and what the heck drug dealers.

Yet what do MI5 do when a senior member of a Govt or past Govt is exposed as a Paedophile? They cover up. What do they do when terrorists and drug dealers are facilitated by a leading Bank? Nothing. When Paedophiles are discovered in tax haven Jersey what do they do? Rapidly close the investigation and block foreign journalists from going there. The point is whatever reasons the State/Govt/Establishment does not find this behaviour abhorrent.

Do you really share the values of your State? Does the UK share yours? Whatever they say and whatever number of poor people are killed or locked up in the Wars on Terror or Drugs do ‘they’ really want either to end? To have their budgets reduced? To restore the freedom they claimed to need to take to keep us safe from an occasional threat?

Make no mistake Western Govts have never granted freedom willingly. Equality issues which has become their Fig Leaf but that has taken years of campaigning and as the risible Obama’s volte farce on Gay Marriage showed only voter power led him there.

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Jan 17

Are Labour a case of we really mean it this time as they throw ideas that contradict their last Govt? i.e. smaller banks from the Party that insisted Lloyds destroy itself by buying criminal organisation HBOS? Seriously were Brown’s gimps [Ed n Ed] unaware when this was happening?

Regardless now Miliband is the Chief Lab Rat. King Rat will in my opinion enact much of what he says. However its actions like the 45 minute claim will be specious and not what most people will assume he means. Indeed it shows Labour’s real progress that all they can do is trumpet the minimum wage which we now are reminded was 15 years ago and the reasons Vince Cable was not able to vote for it – stroke of a pen legislation.

A raft of regional development agencies with no admission how ineffective and corrupt these have been in the past. There is the nub of my view of Labour until they admit their past ineffectiveness and mistakes properly, not least to themselves, then anything they say can surely be discounted as bore [sic] of the same.

Labour’s last Govt handed Bns to A4E, AtoS [ers], BAE, Financiers, Banks, Accenture, Capita, Foreign Arms Buyers, BP, Serco, PFI funders and lots of others memory fails me. This is not business friendly and it’s certainly not friendly to those suffering bedroom taxes and reduced care to pay for it.

Labour should commit to remove the corruption and graft it built into the system. It isn’t and won’t.

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Nov 14

The fraud from the financial industry’s lack of regulation and naked greed may conservatively be said to have cost 1000s of lives – just in extra suicides. It may also be conservatively said their hold over Govt and naked subsidy schemes like Help to Buy, PFI, Bail outs, tax dodging etc cost more each year. Then add in people illegally foreclosed on, MF Global customers, defrauded by the multi trillion LIBOR fraud and then consider FX rigging, Energy market rigging and even suggestions of commodity market rigging. Mis-selling of Credit Derivatives and PPI and many other frauds and chicanery can be added on top. Banks are still essentially unprosecuted unrepentant and unchanged enterprises. Not one strata of their business from Mortgages and credit cards to Investment Banking is not dripping in fraud.

Into this JP Morgan decides to troll people with a talk on leadership, #AskJPM. Ask a financial bod what happened and he will say JP Morgan do not understand social media. I would argue they do and just wished to laugh at the powerless to do more than watch them pay a relatively paltry fine, price of doing business and moving on. I am sure they howled with laughter as the righteous ripped them on Twitter which incidentally was itself massively over sold.

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Jan 04

Sir Hector Sants the serial clown who ran the FSA gets something more than just his knighthood for complete weakness and complacency he gets a pay off to put a sinister twist on his incompetence. He will now work for the criminal enterprise that is Barclays Bank.

It seems that with people apathetic or content to slag bankers off at Christmas that now the corruption is naked, open and for all to see.

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Aug 14

You don’t need to be a Marxist or a genius or to have studied economics, indeed that may be a best not to have, to know that the growth of the Banks and the wealth of people who don’t pay taxes and stack it up abroad is a drain on the economy.

Put simply how can banks make money when they barely lend and interest rates are below 1%? When economic activity is down in every other sector they are there to allocate capital to?  Continue reading »

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Jul 14

The bullshit from the Milk Snatcher was that privatisation would free the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition the reserves of the mutuals were handed to people PFI like borrowing against their future creating more and more hand to mouth banks who borrowed from Peter to lend to Paul. Continue reading »

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Feb 24

Bankers are all spongers. They are given free money by the state and charge the rest of us relatively large interest to borrow it whilst borrowing savers money and paying nothing. It clearly would have been cheaper to let the banks bust and reconstitute them now. We will be paying for many years to come. RBS lost billions holding Greek Bonds! Continue reading »

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Sep 12

I would ring fence the banks as soon as possible. The idea that it would reduce liquidity to the real economy is as laughable as 9-11 conspiracy theories.  Continue reading »

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Aug 05
  • Western Govt lends banks money cheaply via QE or whatever means.
  • Those banks use that as an asset and lend far more money at far higher interest rates to Poor Country etc.
  • Banks take the interest as profit and bankers get paid a fortune. Continue reading »

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