Jul 02

What the fuck does that mean? Well as a Leftist from the Point of View of how I view Capitalism I could agree with most non gut non Fox non racist right wing people that the current economic policies to all intents and purposes shared by Labour and Conservative are laughable. That printing ever more money with bogus low interest rates whilst allowing Casino Banking makes as much sense as stabbing yourself.

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Aug 05
  • Western Govt lends banks money cheaply via QE or whatever means.
  • Those banks use that as an asset and lend far more money at far higher interest rates to Poor Country etc.
  • Banks take the interest as profit and bankers get paid a fortune. Continue reading »

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Jun 18

It makes no sense to try to fill the sinking ship of Greek finance. Yet Merkel has accepted the banks will not take any losses. So Germany will try to fill in the hole with money. Since Greece is conservatively owes 200 Bn more than it has what’s the point?  Continue reading »

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