Aug 11

The idea that mass surveillance of the internet at vast cost and examining almost everything that is not piped movies* and other streams has anything to do with terrorism is clearly wrong.

The conceit is that this is a discussion of Freedom v Security. Yet law enforcement is more danger to the average American in America. Bee stings are. It’s unclear how this surveillance of Americans and allies helps and if there was even one example anyone think this most pragmatic of Administrations would not leak it? It leaked it could track al Quaeda communications last week** which would appear to be stupid to warn them!

There is no security issue here. The UK/US have more than enough laws to spy on the right people with minimal change in security. This is not about security but the rights of venal weak politicians to keep feeding parasitic corporations like BAE Systems, Booz Allen and General Dynamics and be fed back.

Worst for me is the idea that collecting vast troves of data will ever be helpful. Reliance on Big Data and phishing will make processes and procedures predictable – less better quality data wins every time.

The only discussion here is Freedom v Corporate Parasites’ Profits. It’s obvious who the Cameron Govt, GOP, ‘Crats et al favour and it’s the former.

* The Obama Administration’s claim of 1.6% of traffic laughable given what traffic is. Seriously anyone who considers the Administration anything but malevolent and mendacious can only be because it’s stupid, incompetent and knows less than Guardian readers.

** Shows how absurd and vengeful for being shown as a stooge for Big Weapons and NSA The Obama Administration is. An Administration that leaks classified and damaging top secret documents like they’re coupons for free fries claims telling people what is being done against them is spying for the enemy. As the chief spokesperson said “We don’t read your emails” again 2 providers of encrypted email closed down as the Jackboots of the NSA closed in. Again The Administration thinks it is talking to who? Morons?

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Feb 04

You know this fucking asylum seeker has 15 kids and lives in a £2 million house. These fucking sponging mother fuckers… Continue reading »

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Feb 05

It really seems that the biggest British companies only method of staying in the game is to cheat. As an example here is the recent experience of 3 British companies, all corrupt and corrupting

  • This week BAE Systems just fined £280 million for bribery and corruption of the degenerates who run the kingdom of Saudia Arabia and others. Many will consider these fines minimal given that it took the personal intervention of discredited cyphers of international capital Goldsmith and Blair to prevent a criminal investigation in 2006.
  • British Airways (and Virgin) fined £270 million for price fixing. This fine is far more than kicking the Cabin Crew and workers will save in decades. Never mind the Civil Case.
  • BP guilty of obsessive and depraved cost cutting rather than real efficiency that led to their murder of 15 people in Texas. Given paltry fines of at least $87 Million. One hopes the lawsuit does some real damage

The British corporate culture is hierarchical and dominated by decrees handed down the management chain. Cost is not understood. Essentially any British firm of any size seems to want to grow by acquisition and to reduce costs by destroying what it was once good at.

The morality story of the week a footballer had sex with a woman.

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