Sep 07

Ed Miliband blew it. He gave the game away. His New Labourness broke through. His lack of belief in anything but jack booted kow-towing to the state came out. A true son of Gordon Brown or brother to Barack Obama who jealously views Kim Jung-un’s power and deifying media. To suggest we would ever have guards on the Scottish border merely because they voted to leave the UK is gravity defying stupidity. To even think like that is the view of frankly a jilted lover or a lunatic.

It may be a tremendous irony that Scotland may reject Englandshire as my man calls it because of the damage and lack of hope wrought by 2 sons of Scotland: the once seemingly well meaning but merely marginally nearer reality Al Darling: the vicious people hater Brown. They will reject the strain of Labour that builds hospitals at 10 times what they should cost and then lauds its magnanimity and expects grovelling respect from us Plebs. This is what irks the otherwise dead from the neck up Miliband the sense of personal rejection of his monetised neo liberal subservient society by the Scots.

Scotland rejected the Tories long ago a substantial or even majority Yes vote is a rejection of Labour and no wonder.

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