Dec 03

Now that we’ve had 30 years to assess the Thatcher Govt I think we can say that its central ideas failed. That despite Blair and Brown’s slavish devotion to her private sector and markets the result is that we’d have been better off with council houses and monolithic public enterprises and maybe even producing our own subsidised coal.

Yes privatising has made sacking workers easier but has it actually saved money? Have we not been paying through the nose for energy and other essentials? Has extra investment taken place? Do we have any slack to cope with disasters? Are we closer on Green issues? No. Indeed it’s only fringe stuff like airlines etc that we may say that state involvement is best the way it is.

Indeed what the utility companies which are mostly foreign owned have done is cut to the bone. The company left behind is a debt laden holding company and what investment does happen has to be guaranteed by the Govt. If these companies fail the Govt has to step in. This debt allows them to pay little or no tax by posting phantom losses in the UK.

In short it’s difficult to think of 3 bigger disasters than Thatcherism’s core of Big Bang, selling council houses and privatisation.  The latter leaving individuals spending more and the service skeleton before we get to the prospects for future necessary investment.

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Feb 05

It really seems that the biggest British companies only method of staying in the game is to cheat. As an example here is the recent experience of 3 British companies, all corrupt and corrupting

  • This week BAE Systems just fined £280 million for bribery and corruption of the degenerates who run the kingdom of Saudia Arabia and others. Many will consider these fines minimal given that it took the personal intervention of discredited cyphers of international capital Goldsmith and Blair to prevent a criminal investigation in 2006.
  • British Airways (and Virgin) fined £270 million for price fixing. This fine is far more than kicking the Cabin Crew and workers will save in decades. Never mind the Civil Case.
  • BP guilty of obsessive and depraved cost cutting rather than real efficiency that led to their murder of 15 people in Texas. Given paltry fines of at least $87 Million. One hopes the lawsuit does some real damage

The British corporate culture is hierarchical and dominated by decrees handed down the management chain. Cost is not understood. Essentially any British firm of any size seems to want to grow by acquisition and to reduce costs by destroying what it was once good at.

The morality story of the week a footballer had sex with a woman.

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