Feb 25

George Monbiot did it the other and said ‘The Tories’. A lot of people do it. Most of them well aware that Labour is not an alternative but a continuation with nicer rhetoric, less incompetence (although so incompetent I would not call it a strength) but a worse toy throwing that led to bank bailouts and QE that will blight our economy for at least 1 decade.

The left by use the term “The Tories” when everything from Schools, student fees to Health-care policy is a continuation of the anti intellectual meme Govt from 1997. It owes far more to Blair than Major. The anti Intellectual meme is deep into its 15th year. Arguably rather than the stealth bill year after year to meet the needs of rhetoric at least The Tories, oops, put on the table where they want to go. The Labour Govt wanted the same things but would not dare tell its supporters.

One can understand why people use language to unite the left many of whom labour under misapprehensions about Labour. However from the Poll Tax to Forestry it is not Labour who achieves anything in opposition – it’s not their aim. the Students who marched and got to hear a speech from the miserable Ed Miliband only for him to shaft them weeks later. Indeed with Labour volte-facing its economic policies their support can turn to opposition over night. It is better to make it clear in any demo or organisation to fight Govt to tell Labour fans they are welcome but they park their support for Labour at the door.

The correct nomenclature is “Parliament”, the Tories are not the issue.

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Aug 28

Eric Schmidt Google’s Executive Chairman complained the UK education system turned out too many people studying luvvie subjects. It of course is not the education system’s fault it is merely mirroring a graft society where intellect is a dirty word. A society where morality is not relative and decided by bigots in Newspaper offices. Continue reading »

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May 09

The tweeters and opinion formers on what calls itself ‘the left’ refer to themselves as Progressive. They are calling for a Progressive Left pact with the Lib Dems and Labour. I’ll leave aside the brutal and flawed logic by which they hope to hijack the political system for another piece of pie. However let’s assume a Labour led coalition of Lib Dems and the regions. What does Progressive stand for based on 13 years of New Labour?

Is supporting the USA in whatever wars not under the Geneva Convention progressive? Guantanamo? Water-boarding? Rendition? Sure it was new for a Labour Govt at least since we refused to drop Napalm on people but even the sickest New Labourista would struggle to call it much beyond medieval. A place where the militarily strong start wars with seemingly no end or strategy bar one assumes an assumption of Glory – post invasion planning a nice to have..

Education reduced to regular exams, sausage factory qualification gathering and rote learning. Not sure the Victorians would regard that as an advance. The only  progressive a laughable 26 straight years of improving results at A level!

Public spending via PFI to hand money to the City money men who then gamble and lose it playing the high finance equivalent of cards. Not particularly progressive or indeed modern.

Giving Police more powers over lives and making people carry ID cards is an idea as old as the Roman Seal and as regressive a step as any democratic country in the world would try. In Arizona they have passed a law making anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant carry papers and the rest of the country is up in arms. Yet in the UK we almost have that and the direction is clear.

European Integration which has been tried before but after the military methods have not worked bureaucratic obfuscation is at least a modern twist. Quite odd that we would keep an independent nuclear deterrent but hand over law making to a body that suffers from an accountability and democratic short fall! Laws passed down to local enforcement agents is as old as feudalism if not much older.

Lecturing people on what they can and cannot eat and drink is not progressive and indeed dates back to a kind of sepia tone ads – see Harry Enfield’s “Cholmondley Warner” sketches mocking 30s cinema ads.

The use of rhetoric and one liners to sell policy rather than consider positions to tackle stated problems and meet stated goals. It may be modern but only fans of the Labour party could say it was progressive?

Illegal drugs policy where in a progressive move the Home Secretary, only challenger to Jacqui Smith as most weak and stupid ever, Alan Johnson said that science and harm were irrelevant and whining parents and headlines mattered more than rational analysis. Indeed he went further and mocked the whole culture of science with it’s proof and peer reviews to loud cheers from the progressives in his party.

On diet the Govt will lecture us till cows come home about not eating bad food but ditched a simple traffic light system that even the victims of the progressive education system could understand. It did this at the insistence of the food industry. Again being hypocritical, rejecting science and taking back handers from big business is not modern or in most people’s terms progressive.

When I was an ideologue someone made a great comment that parties with ‘Workers’ in the title did not have any workers in them. Well people who call themselves Progressives don’t appear to have an ounce of progressiveness in them.

Indeed as pointed out elsewhere the most over lap in 2 manifestos is Labour and Conservative. Labour are still trying to peddle a line that we are back on track and they have made no mistakes. This is fallacious and the reason I am sure personally Clegg and Cameron would have no trouble hooking up as frankly we are not making progress and they do not have the vested interests of Labour denying the extent of our problems nor using the exacerbating factor of the credit crunch as a 100% explanation.

Coming from Labour all the term progressive seems to refer to is progressive anti intellectualism, Govt interference in daily lives, growing state, tax, spending, big brother, police powers, numbers of laws, obedience to employers and mounting bullshit.

My point in all the anti Tory rhetoric is who are Labour fooling and I would opine they are progressively fooling themselves. Or does it just refer to a progressive nanny state?

Nothing Good.

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