Apr 26

I’ll also leave out they support the same policies as the Tories whatever the Tory fiction about massive cuts – after all SNP, Libs and Labour have the same spending plans too. We’ll leave out their obvious racism where they try to sound marginally slower swiveling of the eyes than the Tories. We’ll even credit them on Syria not bombing to help our friends al Queada and now enemies IS. Continue reading »

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Oct 23

There is currently a Select Committe inquiry into why a documentary on Jimmy Savile was shelved and what he may or may not have done at the BBC. It’s all designed to miss the point. Indeed as said here before surely Police and Govt have greater questions to answer in relation to the Jersey Care Home scandal that Savile frequented. That investigation has resulted in what? At least the BBC to a degree are sorry as they self immolate even if a few opt for their own life raft.

Select Committee inquiries tend to lead to other pointless inquiries such as:-

  • Leveson where the Police and Political corruption is subsumed into a witch hunt against Rebekah Brooks and her droogs. You’d never think 9 years ago Brooks told MPs the Police were corrupt and she paid them.

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Feb 07

Can people be misled? Wilfully misled by themselves for their own convenience? Professional middle aged UK educated MPs? Of course.

Alastair Campbell assumes we are all emotional infants that if he says something choking up we will all believe he is more sincere. Nonetheless the case of the case for the war in Iraq does show how people can redefine the truth until it appears to say something different. The key point is that Blair, Campbell and Scarlett allowed others misconceptions of their ambiguities to go uncorrected. It’s not lying but it’s a Rizla paper from it and maybe more malevolent?

However anyone who read newspapers in the years before would have known Iraq was not in a position to organise a Barbecue never mind weaponise nasty concoctions.

The Foreign Secretary resigned and said they had no weapons. The Foreign Office lawyers thought the war illegal. Any MP or minister who claims to have been misled was wilfully so. They only had to be professional and ask the Foreign Office. Indeed even Jack Straw supported the war and says he did not believe Iraq was a threat.

Let’s not pretend this country does not do what the Americans ask. It’s abject to suggest that we as a country were ever going to do anything different.

The late Robin Cook is the only one who emerges with a smidgeon of credit from this. Campbell and Blair should just be forgotten as representatives of the most hot air filled achievement less years of British politics – Blair was the true inheritor of Thatcher with guff filled bubbles of economic incompetence.

Really nothing positive is coming from this Naval Gazing. We  will still elect the kind of spivs that are  rapidly cowed by a call from the Oval Office.

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