Dec 30

This is not a demand for Coal or indeed a desire to go back to the days of deep cast mining. Having all but stopped coal production in the UK to now go back would be insane. Why would we in the era of AGW being the accepted science of Govt and main opposition go backwards? Leaving aside the issue to some fact to me of Climate Change. Why would anyone want the pollution and particulates if nothing else. Talk of Clean Coal is like fat free Suet.

Yet what prompts this blog is that even with 0.5% base rates the UK Govt has apparently guaranteed loans to the oil industry. That and generous tax breaks leads to the question Why? When rates are low only strategic industries should get subsidy, especially in an era of alleged Austerity. To pay for pollution and carbon release defines insanity?

Only a few weeks ago Fracking was still being mentioned in the budget by Osborne. In Norway’s not so much,  fracking gas reserves were estimated at 83 Trn Cubic Feet in 2011 by 2013 the more realistic figure was 0 cubic feet. It’s a technology that does not deliver and any Americans who think it will last to 2030 never mind 2040 as POTUS says, haha.

Equally it is only generous subsidy that allows the lunacy of BP to try to drill for Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and North of Scotland. That its lax attitude to human life added 11 deaths to the 15 murdered in Texas prior can be added to the sheer stupidity of subsidising them to do anything. Yet no fear the UK Govt still subsidises BP deep water drilling – BP also involved in Currency [FX] fraud we now find. The point being apparently it was wrong to subsidise nationalised industries to make Steel and Coal yet we will subsidise the uneconomic environmental rape of Fracking and Oil exploration. Activities so uneconomic even with Base Rates at 0.5% they cannot get funding without subsidy and with the Oil price dropping are not economic even with 0 cost of capital thanks to the subsidy.

It’s 30 years since the miners strike clearly Cameron and co would have been on Scargill’s side had he been a private company head with a credo of corporate manslaughter to his name.

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Oct 10

No I’m not talking about financial debt albeit I probably could be. I am also not talking about AGW but I probably could be. Nope it’s debt in terms of what it has borrowed from the Earth.

The underground water supplies currently be trawled deeper and deeper in the 3rd world to bring the Western World such daily essentials as Coffee, Roses, Flowers etc. The soil sucked dry to produce goods to send to us in the West. The resources burgled at a short term price with no thought of the future.

The rivers which many countries use for drinking water are increasingly contaminated and likely to become the subject of if not wars diplomatic skirmishes. We’ve seen how a relic of Stalinism has come to bite Hungary and have an outside chance to hit 5 other countries who rely on the Danube.

Never mind the two state solution to Palestine how about the growing water grab between Israel and Jordan? When people take your water do you die or fight?

The number of precious minerals and commodities being used to extinction. This drives much of the undercurrent to the spats between the US and China.

I worry less about financial debt as being poorer for even a decade or more is not an end to life. It is not extinction. Poverty brought by the greater success of others Capitalism we in the UK can hardly complain about. However a world poverty and starvation providing the world’s rich with luxuries is not a pleasant idea.

That the boot may be on the other foot for many westerners who have read the Daily Mail or any of Britain’s tabloids like The Times and Guardian will hardly make for much Schadenfreude from someone like me who lives in the UK.

Where environmental debt does equate with national debt is that much of it is to produce cash crops to pay back western banks with money provided by China and the Far East. The goods that Western economies mostly no longer earn are produced at the expense of the environment in the 3rd world. Can our banks allow them to not borrow from their water and soil for our benefit? No.

So in the end all debt is linked. The goods produced to pay debts cause carbon to be released and in turn are paid for by countries who run year in year out deficits. That these goods may come with an even greater debt only adds to the tragedy.

The point is that regardless of whether you view AGW as a lie or a conspiracy or believe it truly it is not the only part of the environmental iceberg we are steaming to.

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Apr 18

Many people in large parts of the country will be enjoying clearer skies, less noise and less viewable pollution at present. Ironically because of air bound particles from a volcano.  Inevitably many will come to prefer this state of affairs even if sadly it cannot last.

Air travel is a disproportionate contributer to man made global warming (AGW) but not so widespread it can on its own be a cure just by being stopped. Thus arguments against its extent have to start somewhere else.

My main argument against it is that much of it is clearly a subsidy to the wealthy. You will see a load of taxes listed on your ticket but some of them are actually payments to the airlines. The fuel used to fly you is not taxed yet the poorest person running the smallest car is screwed in the UK. Beer drinkers are emasculated.

Consider that relatively most fuel is used to fly Business and First Class passengers and the extra staff used on them. Yet the airlines making money do not transport the rich and entitled nor do they have status affirming devices like Business Class. Many of the major airports like Heathrow are chock full of loss making airlines and many of those airports built and subsidised by local tax payers. Thus those people who use those airlines are being subsidised somewhere in the system either by taxpayers or shareholders or both. Not the Ryanair and EasyJet punters.

Another thing about those airports is that to create further artificial ‘value’ they treat people differently. First and Business class users are fast tracked through customs and passport control whilst the rest of us are abused, often by morons, who do not want us to choose the short queue for whatever reasons to suit their crypto fascist natures.

Business class types might bleat that they pay far more than most people in Coach. However many people who have to fly in economy do not pay far off a business class fare dependent on the status accorded them by their firm.  Plus as mentioned above the extra infrastructure to having more than one class of passenger seems to be heavily subsidised before considering those airlines with multiple classes lose money.

It is genuinely odd that some airlines have First Class.  Go through the list of people in First Class and you’ll see it’s a form of graft. Managers in the airline get it as a perk, a buttress to their status. Politicians and guests of the airline. Dreck celebrities and minor royalty who buy Coach tickets and get up graded. First Class truly is a place based on status not even determined by money.

There is also a further reason air travel is subsidised much of it is unnecessary.  You do not need to communicate directly face to face anymore. Certainly not for most of what the Business and First Class passengers do. Ironically it’s probably helpful for the Coach bound technocrats and analysts to see first hand but the decision makers are almost unnecessary in that they can get reports and do meetings with people anywhere in the world without leaving the office. These Business passengers do not pay for their tickets yet through reward schemes they benefit from their company’s spending. They are subsidised by their business travel and have a vested interest in over spending and unnecessary travel.

A lot of air travel is therefore a wasteful exercise in providing subsidised affirmation of the person’s position in society. Bizarrely the countries of the world subsidise this, more accurately the world rich and leaders have created a subsidised world where the common man is forced fed their superiority no matter how faux that is.

Additionally I find it frankly bizarre that us taxpayers are subsidising  people who often earn money here but pay little or no tax to help out-source our jobs and lower our wages through a subsidised globalised Labour market oiled by subsidised air travel.

I do not mind Air Travel just that it is subsidised. We will not subsidise miners. We only subsidise banks as a necessity. It’s not like we are subsidising just any air travel either but that of the wealthiest and in an artificial law free environment where their faux superiority is enforced on the rest of us.

Sidebar: Gordon Brown must wish he lived in an airport where: the wealthy are not questioned: suited people in jack boots order ordinary people to surrender their dignity: where every sq inch is covered by CCTV: where you need papers to go anywhere: where the plebs are shut out of lounges and cannot challenge their betters. Hell to anyone with dignity Heaven to Brown.

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