Jun 29

Americans have jobs making weapons is that it? Cos nothing else makes sense anymore.

Giving half a billion to re-stoke the Syrian contest that is all but won by the other side is merely a gesture of inhumanity the impotent grunt of an increasingly weak President. It is using the Syrian people as statistics. It’s support to groups known to have used the chemical weapons that was the supposed red line of the President about the other lot. The US will now spend Billions fighting even if by proxy the same forces it is arming in Syria in Iraq. No one with a hold on reality could claim that ‘enemy’ ISIS forces (numbering only a few 1000) won’t get hold of the weapons. That is such a poor position it’s probably handy for the Administration that John Kerry a man for whom the sobriquet ‘useful idiot’ would appear polite understatement is there to state policy with a straight face.

We have to face the fact for all our pinsticking in Bush effigies Bush had a doctrine – dumb as it may seem to us. This Administration has no doctrine or ethos or humanity or intelligence.

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Jun 16

Turns out they were listening to calls after all! I just don’t get why the admin’s spokesman would go on TV and just lie surely knowing he would look a clown within a week and a half if not sooner. It implies a bunch of fools making it up as they go along.

Someone interspersed Joe Biden in ’06 with the Spokesperson for the Admin ’13. It may be a shame given he would not have ramped up the Afghan War maybe it’s a shame he is not back seat driving like the despicable Cheney.


BTW irrelevant points here are any questioning of people’s motivations and that GOP are a shower of clowns.

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Jun 28

The inconsequential death of Osama bin Laden in terms of, the Afghan war and arguably anything non symbolic, has ‘lead’ the Obama Administration to think it’s time to get out of Afghanistan. Continue reading »

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Jun 12

I was reading a snotty attack on Sarah Palin. Apparently she’s boring as well as unintelligent. I certainly agree she [Palin] lacks the power of Barack Obama’s thought. Barry is so smart I cannot understand anything his administration does. Take this chain of logic….

  1. Obama comes to power and like his English mini me Gordon ramps up the Afghan war. I have as anyone who cares to search on the Afghanistan tag no idea why.
  2. They kill a now inconsequential but totemic enemy, Osama bin Laden.
  3. Apparently killing someone no longer involved directly in Afghanistan and with almost no remaining influence means the US should ramp down their effort in Afghanistan.

To me it makes no sense unless there was no sense to it in the first place. It says they are trying to use rhetoric about Osama to cover a not just failed but stupid policy driven by who knows what?

Mission Accomplished whatever it was?

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Jan 22

I’ve said before that the ‘Politics of the Few’ outweighs the seemingly more valid fields of inquiry and energy. The case of a single named victim likely female or a child will fill papers and debate. It will lead to bad laws like the Dangerous Dogs Act and Paedophile Laws that make no sense but have a child’s name attached to make us feel better about it. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

Looks like the tedious newspapers with worthy ranting columnists and small circulations will be trying to tempt their readers with even more guff from the Chilcot inquiry. Continue reading »

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Dec 04

The WikiLeaks revelations and the rejection of a pitiable England bid for the World Cup have led to a lot of exposing of the National psyche and seemingly deep seated self loathing. Like a low self esteem teenager we chase prizes and external validation of ourselves with the sad relentlessness of depressed Labour ministers after women. Then react like whiny entitled teens when rejected.  Continue reading »

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Nov 29

The latest batch of ‘secret’ info leaked from the US is a massive damb squib. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

So did Eddie change anything yesterday? Yes and no.

He rightly damned the moronic clowns who got him elected – once you’re leader of the Labour Party it seems you can assume everyone below you is thick and servile like his mentor Brown did.

He said 90 day detention handed Liberty to the Tories but did not damn the idea even though it was always a cheap trick to outflank the other parties with a scared public – suggest the unthinkable and make them look liberal and weak! Then complain they look more liberal than you, what a policy. Nonetheless that his view on Liberty is merely to choose a more popular course is worrying. Indeed wor’ Ed  spoke for ID cards and DNA databases and any illiberal idea he could come up with. He did not rule out treating children and rape victims as criminals if they were coming for Asylum. In fact his grasp of Liberty amounted to what he could sell the public and if they wanted hangings in the street he might be your man as well.

He damned Iraq and said Afghanistan was necessary – he’s a Brownite. Yet Cameron whilst not changing the rhetoric has effectively started to withdraw us from Brown’s chosen conflict. The ground has moved as Brown’s acolytes still cling to the raft of his reactionary stupidity long after he has gone. Aside from an initial justification for the conflict in any strategic respect the war in Afghanistan makes less sense than even Iraq.

It was more crucial to denounce Brown than Blair for me. One did what he thought was right the other always did what he thought was right for himself and was so stupid he even got that wrong. Yet it was Iraq and implicitly his brother that got the brickbats.

The speech was a rambler and he was incoherent with a tacked on message about optimism a reminder of how rhetoric led Labour was and is. Will we now only get Optimistic policies? Will policy be drawn up to be Optimistic by shiny faced dreck in advertising agencies? Optimistic Cuts in Public Service? It’s a crock.

1 cheer for Ed.

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Jul 26

Maybe I watched too many Ripping Yarns but watching Cameron make the same mistakes as Poodle Bliar in Washington trying to find favour with the bully by being an acolyte made me wonder if the Eton bully had been paid off by Cameron’s charm. That Cameron had escaped a hard night on his arse or a kicking by a lower standard of bullying than one would expect for such an expensive so called education. He appears to have learned less than the rest of us in our comprehensives about the laws of bullies.

Most of us have learned that not being Bully’s friend and standing up to bully gets at worst one serious kicking. Frankly if the price to Britain was the loss of a murdering poisoning BP then so be it. One wonders if in all the rhetoric our commitment to get out of a war they [Lib Con Govt] clearly realise is nonsense in Afghanistan has been delayed. Long term savings from wars, in lives, in not being a party to murder/drone strikes/Rendition/Torture, supporting murdering 3rd world Govts make BP surely a price worth paying? After all we argued it was not British a few weeks ago albeit it was known as Blair Petroleum once!

Europe after the kicking France took over Iraq, when it was in the right, has adopted patronising the US without doing anything meaningful as a means of survival. Be nice to bully but walk a different way i.e. don’t send meaningful amounts of troops and do not have them in the front line. The Germans also.

There are many ways to deal with Bullies but the worst is to be the Bully’s friend.

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