Apr 26

I’ll also leave out they support the same policies as the Tories whatever the Tory fiction about massive cuts – after all SNP, Libs and Labour have the same spending plans too. We’ll leave out their obvious racism where they try to sound marginally slower swiveling of the eyes than the Tories. We’ll even credit them on Syria not bombing to help our friends al Queada and now enemies IS.

Economists have tried to argue on the basis of %tage of GDP spent that the last Govt was not profligate. Sorry this is a load of bollocks. Classic neo Liberal in fact take a measure and say it shows something it does not. PFI was a massive waste of money one that even Labour members of the Public Accounts Committee acknowledge. During the banking crisis they transferred massive amounts of wealth to the banks and accepted the debt without reform or trying to prevent the next crisis – indeed their neo Liberal nuttery means they brought in a load of meaningless laws which essentially make the regulatory cost too high for smaller banks exacerbating Too Big To Fail. Selling our gold reserves to save Goldman Sachs at rock bottom prices. If you look at how the clowns spent money the amount may not be historically high but they bought little new infrastructure for the price. That is waste which is profligacy defined.

Competence. Whatever the issue the desire not to be seen to lie means whether it’s Iraq, Afghanistan, Bank Regulation, Torture fandom, Rendition, PFI etc the reason is always a sorry we were merely completely incompetent.

Human rights. Labour whether it be immigration policy, detaining children, bullying holiday makers and asylum seekers, rendering unto Gaddafi’s Libya or the USA, bashing the poor, bashing smokers, drinkers, people who eat the food supplied by the lightly regulated food industry etc The Labour Govt’s ability to blame others and do unspeakable things to them bore no bounds.

Corrupt. Beneath the above is a what is in it for me attitude of the senior figures in the party. Feathering their nests with money from companies and country who they handed money to hand over fist. Leveson shows the troika of press, police and Labour that the current Govt has at least allowed out from under its rock.

However even if you think we should have corrupt Govt or they’re all corrupt my main issue is this is a party where after the leader and Chancellor the small coterie of press advisors and spin doctors are no 3 and no one else in the party, public or civil service is allowed to have a view. A vicious party of political thugs where sick creeps like Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan and Al’ Campbell run the Govt on a day to day basis. It was a Govt run by Murdoch, BAE, US President, Banks and Oil Companies too.

Neo Liberalism won’t work. It is about transferring wealth to the already wealthy. It relies on taxing workers to pay for the debts of the protected corporates. Long term it cannot work hence it needs evil people who eat too much or seek a better life or don’t want to be slaves to blame. It’s like the I-Robot master computer where to protect people it must kill people because it knows best. It needs villains (mostly ordinary people and the occasional despot) to sound moral and right. If I were religious Evil, manipulative and wicked would not be over strong.


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