Apr 18

First up in why you should not vote for a party is The Greens.

Now I confess I am between the Greens and Lib Dems the Kippers, Labrats and Conmen not for me. However I believe in lacerating and being critical of even those one favours and whilst I believe in Man Made and Man Preventable Climate Change and am against Austerity as both moral and economic shittery the Greens are the only one of the 5 mains in England similarly minded. 

My main objections to the Greens is that they have lots of policies that they don’t need to have. A case in point is banning the whip and the Grand National from horse racing. Why? Oh it’s cruel. Why not ban meat eating? Or keeping pets then? The whip is at worst a signal and whilst I can give or take the National it is better than it used to be with 3 years of 0 dead horses. It only makes sense for me in a world of vegans – we’re not. Yes that has an element of logical fallacy. The truth is that this is not an argument with a yes or no. In defence of UK Horseracing: UK horses are not drugged: UK horses receive less whip strikes: a whip that would not be used by even the most timid S&M freak. As the legend Mad Moose has shown you cannot get a horse to race who does not want to. The purpose of racing is not to hurt the horses. Indeed racing fans celebrate them. They for their part are happy creatures who love routine, carrots, polos and a stroke.

The other side is why would you have such a left field policy as a 5th party dedicated to environment? Do you need to pander to the level of student politics? Ending the moronic Badger Cull yes is a genuine issue of cruelty, money wasted and graft – paying farmers [Conservatives] to do something pointless. Horse racing is not especially cruel and few involved would be if they felt that the horse suffered. The idea Trending was not happy or Optimystic was ill treated would have me out of the sport quicker than Usain Bolt.

There are only 2 reasons to have silly policies like the Tory threat to run a surplus when the trade deficit is 35 Bn a year (since money flows balance a Govt surplus and trade deficit has to be jointly paid by households creating more deflation)and get rid of Inheritance Tax. Firstly to drop them in coalition negotiations.  Are the Greens really going to try to ban racing should they even be part of said negotiations? No. The final reason is to attract one issue morons for whom this would be most important – are animal rights Greens its core vote and members? If they are should I vote for people so out of whack with reality?

In short this demonstrates a lack of serious intent or worse a core membership who lack a hold on reality. Hopefully it is getting wedded to small interest groups to add few votes. As said this is a debate about tolerance and if your tolerance of animal cruelty if you must call it that does not run to Horseracing your threshold is so low as to be impractical in my view.

I’d like to vote Green as they are the only one of the 5 mains who is not an ostensibly neo Liberal party however if they have policies the Monster Raving Loony Party would reject why should I? If their membership is so dominated by people who put animals over humans are they against climate change purely for the extinctions?

If I wanted to improve the UK I would start with domestic violence which is the major cause of unhappiness outside of its cousin poverty. The Greens priorities should worry us.

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