Mar 07

Watching Professor Richard Werner who apparently coined the term Quantitative Easing induce cognitive dissonance in Max Keiser with his solution to economic ills was eyeopening. Keiser talked maniacally and in the end the difference was not causes of crisis or any dispute bankers were fraudulent creeps. The difference was sad to say an almost corporate conformist what we do now counts from the Prof and worse I agreed with him!

The left and some pro-capitalists delight in watching all the banks crash and bankers lined up and sent to jail well those we don’t behead. This is a sadistic desire for revenge and a Masochistic let’s blow it up and start again by creating Economic Ground Zero.

The right want the likes of Greece and debtors strung up by higher interest rates. This is the Sadism and prolonged waterboarding of debtors many of whom can never pay. It lacks masochism I guess as the proponents probably hold lots of cash, it’s purely self gratifying.

Of course both positions are better than the neo Liberals who dominate Western Govts and try to secure more and more of the wealth for themselves and their perceived equals. They are not into S&M they just don’t care for anyone else. They are the Narcissists. They believe the rich are rich because they deserve it and their actions never criminal.

Prof Werner cut through this saying he told Japan to monetise the Debt and regulate banking. Keiser who holds both the left and right positions above blanched. Werner was not saying to not prosecute fraud but merely like HR trying to be nice to a disaffected employee deal from here – Hint! I was not HR in that scenario. This does not offer any drama and very little S&M but I’d like to read an argument against it.

Better S&M than the narcissism of Obama or Cameron or Brown or Blair but better still an over night solution. Especially as we can still hang bankers from the lampposts of Threadneedle Street. Whether we can afford to eat at Jamie’s Italian Threadneedle Street afterwards a moot point at this stage.

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