Oct 24

In true Tesco accounts style by adding every little piece of crap and allowing for illegal industries GDP is being pumped or because it measures consumption and asset inflation or whatever the UK Economy is growing at 3% a year. The EU with many countries contracting says it wants 1.7 Bn more and Cameron is all a tizzy. A Tory party who had ramped up the rhetoric on Europe hoping for a few concessions just got raised all in and is holding a 7 2 off suit a massive housing bubble and debt with a balance of payments shocker kicker. Plus Cam probably thinks it will be someone else’s problem in May.

Now I would want a lower EU budget. It’s a essentially a Common Market predominantly not a pan National Govt. However the likes of Cameron can hardly complain as they back the insane US policies that have transferred the Ukrainian begging bowl from Russia to Europe. Likes Ireland and Ukraine might well cost the UK more than this additional fee not to mention the need to pointlessly bomb the ISIS scum with obsolete aircraft. Business and bank subsidies are circa 120Bn before considering the 40 Bn contributions to private pensions going nowhere or the 8 or 9Bn a year for RBS.

At the end of the day arguments about leaving the EU but staying in the Common Market make most sense to me whilst most countries share a currency we don’t. However the level of debate is as deep as paddling pool. I doubt many realise there are 3 levels of this Out, Common Market and EU.

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