May 05

David Cameron showed he is a populist Kleptocratic leader. The man who uses 10s Bns in tax revenue to subsidise Banks, The Arms Industry, City, Big Oil and Hedge Funds said he was upset airlines deliberately put up holiday prices in the school holidays.

Um yeah!

Whether you’re Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Marx, Benn, Huhne, Cable or a fucking idiot but not as dumb as Call Me Dave what else would you expect?

Demand goes up with inelastic supply and what happens?

Come on you don’t need an economics degree…

Cameron’s Corporate subsidies and Asset Rentier favouring economics have reduced wages by 8% as GDP per head has remained static and at 2005 levels. The currency has dropped 25% against the Yuan/Renminbi. If the moron really cared he’d stop the destruction of the NHS and the sale of state assets to his friends below cost and then people could afford holidays.

At the end of the day even with a huge protest vote 55+% of people will vote for parties espousing the Labour Conservative Liberal creed of neo Liberalism and another 25+% will likely vote for a right wing lunatic fringe that is not a fringe.  Few will vote Green or TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition).

I am in a minority. However I have to point out that a foreign holiday is not a right. That it is not good for the climate. I would also add price controls will not work because it will restrict rather than increase supply. However the latter point is Call Me Dave’s answer then with restricted supply it is about who you know not what you know – like when the Bullingdon boys needed to get sorted for Es and Whiz. To show idiocy sorry cronyism and zombie economy economics are the prevailing meme at Westminster the vile Miliband (David Miliband is the viler Miliband, vile and viler) called for Rent controls which has similar and deeper drawbacks.

Thus whilst Cameron may appear anti price discovery and markets he does truly represent his party, Westminster and the Kleptocrats who employ them at our expense. He’s not a hypocrite I guess?

It puts me in mind of ‘Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right’ and ‘There must be some sort of way out of here said the Joker to the Thief’.

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