Nov 08

Even smart Lab rats on Twitter were squeaking that the Daily Mail had lied about its editor’s kindred spirit the execrable Gordon Brown and printed a retraction.

Brown’s period in Govt he was a key figure in starting illegal wars, overseeing torture and rendition, the rape of the public services with PFI, ramped up the point-less Afghan war, covered up deaths as a result of NHS policy, had underlings smear opponents in his own party, brought in disastrous  City regulation, cut ridiculous sweetheart tax deals with anyone, reduced women to 4 members of his cabinet, followed policies dictated by Brooks and kindred spirit Dacre and did not assault anyone in that way.

However he did not fiddle his expenses so that’s alright then. It’s a measure of the Mail’s idiocy they would smear someone who must be close to un-smearable

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