Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week.

His quip he was good at killing people is worse as a) America has no real Capitalist interest in Pakistan or Yemen say b) the people killed may hate America but most have not been near an airport or bought tickets to the USA nor had any real intention to do so – killed purely in the interests of rhetoric about fighting the War on Terror.

Of course within his first 100 days it should have been obvious he was worse than weak but nothing more than a cuddly pet to a patronising party happy to have a pin cushion a different colour win its election for it. Instead of getting out of Afghanistan and using his majority in both houses he started electioneering 2 years in advance for the mid terms by avoiding ‘cut and run’ rhetoric to open up an even bigger point-less war in Afghanistan. The Generals openly mocked their new Clown in Chief as a gullible ignorable rube as he fellated them.

Now even Kofi Annan can see he and maybe America are just a 3 ton baby in the room. Annan has called for an end to the inane War on Drugs. An issue serial fool Obama can add hypocrite to his resume on. In the same way Tony Blair can traverse the world a hero to the Kleptocratic class so their passionate bloodthirsty rube Obama will.

Unfairly maybe unlike the vile Bill Clinton Blair and Obama will only be able to perform for their class. The masses can see broken clowns even if their peers chose not to.

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