Sep 30

Well the Gimmicks come thick and fast a fuel duty freeze very nice if you run a big expensive car I guess. Just as an energy price freeze helps the Millionaire more than the council tenant.

  1. Help To Buy brought forward. You can argue the London binge is hot money from abroad and hence not relevant hence prices are low in other parts of the UK. Except prices are not low. This would appear a pure graft move for doner funding property developers hogging development land building at maximum return at the expense of the economy.
  2. Fuel Price Freeze didn’t Cameron promise the greenest Govt ever? Oh well even given that why when you are trying to get £400 Mn from mostly poor hardworking families over the so called bedroom tax spend £750 Mn disproportionately on the middle class or at least the working panel van floating racist creep types.
  3. Work Fare or Help to Work as some call it is cretinous. It is essentially a transfer of wealth from the state and low paid workers to large corporates. If there is work then pay people at least the minimum to do it. Arguably with 2.5 Mn unemployed and a few hundred thousand jobs this is a political gimmick or corruption or both but it will achieve nothing by the DWP’s own figures.

If Labour were mostly hanging policy gimmicks on problems the Tories seem to be throwing money at businesses to cement the Zombie economy and at groups to win an election. I’ll do Help to Buy after this conference as it deserves a slaughter of its own as not one economist even the swivel eyed Tory ones supports it.

Don’t vote Tory is the message. Labour may be a gimmick cult and the Libs doormats but the plan here is just getting through 2015 at the expense of the economy, poor and the environment. These are not policies of pain now gain later. Indeed not sure modern Capitalism is offering that to anyone at present bar Millionaires who are benefiting from these increasingly planned patronage economies offered by so called Conservative parties and Barack Obama’s lot.

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