Sep 25

Ann Pettifor described Labour’s economics as Salami slices i.e. slices not a whole. I would go further and say they are a series of gimmicks tested on focus groups.

  1. Top of the list freezing energy prices. For starters it is actually arguable that UK prices are that high but if Miliband assumes we have a broken market a price freeze is not how you fix it. It’s just populist nonsense with the twist someone else pays for the bribe.
  2. Labour proposing national private landlords’ register more meaningless registers and lists to pretend to do something?
  3. Fund jobs guarantee by taxing Banks. It’s pure rhetoric. Tax & spend separate issues. Can do 1 without other clearly. It does not show fiscal responsibility it shows Balls is the same blame someone to tax them clown Brown was.
  4. 200K homes a year and it was not even clear how or whether he meant the UK or England. Picking round numbers out of the air is hardly policy just another pledge to try to meet regardless of cost or sense or even knowing what it means.
  5. For every migrant you hire you have to hire a local. What problem or even what is this meant to do? Random racist policy to cover for a lousy expensive white elephant education system? It’s just a meaningless policy from people who should know better to appeal to people’s legitimate but unfounded concerns
  6. Supposedly Independent OBR to vet spending plans. At best to confirm that they’re so far from the Socialist label Telegraph writers laughably and one assumes to order lobbed at Miliband after his meandering random gimmick promising abortion of a speech.

Labour are broken whether they get into power or not. Led from the top specialising in anti-intellectualism and authoritarian bullying. Frankly your democratic choice is a jack boot happy Labour Gimmick Cult or a Poor Hating Tory party. Time to start joining other parties and considering alternatives frankly.

That the Tory press threw the Socialism label at Miliband for freezing energy prices whilst praising Mortgage subsidy shows how laughable our media are. Far better critique is he just promised a load of randomly unconnected policies without regard for cost, practicality or the reality of 2015.

Labour promise the same Govt as 13 years of money printing crap they recently produced. The sight of Campbell, Whelan, Brown and Balls makes clear it’s still Govt by bullies and authoritarians. Policy will still be random gimmicks the cult come up with by asking ignorant floating types what they want.

Plus ça change

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