Aug 04

Sadly a lot of us do what might be considered trolling. Most of us do it with brothers and sisters or friends or just some shop assistant or barman telling us you’re barred. A lot more people are tripping the line on insanity than we credit. There is a lot of pent up frustration and self loathing out there and it comes out as trolling. Of course some psychos do it for amusement. Some may even be nefarious. Almost all are harmless beyond the words they used and best blocked and ignored.

The reaction to this is out of line for me. Simply put more damage is done and more people hurt by the almost daily trolling of our newspapers. The constant labeling of people to the point where people who protest are marginalised. Indeed part of that marginalisation is the label of being a whiner which sadly is a trap to fall into by over stating trolling as vile as it is.

The worst trolling is of course by the Mail and Express. Now I hate to have a go at the Mail as to me they’re trolls who take great joy in making up facts and extrapolating individual incidents to get a response. Is it any wonder we have angry trolls when people read this amoral filth every day?

A net result of this tolerance and encouragement of racist trolling the world seeing a barbaric UK Border Agency (UKBA) rounding up Muslims and Black people so the Prime Minister can appear racist to the right of his party. The current logic would be well if they’re illegal they should be arrested and if they’re not they’ve nothing to hide like Hague trolled us with his Goebbels recital the other week. Point is this so called crackdown will maybe deport a few hundred illegals costing us flights and lawyers fees, General Pyrrhus salutes you clowns – crack-down because one assumes who ever came up with it was smoking crack. Oh but they commit crime some will cry but based on arrest figures illegals are pretty brilliant criminals as a low percentage of them are ever arrested.

If UKBA wanted to really do some good how about the sex slavery industry very close to Westminster as of course all business should be near its customers.

Clearly Cameron’s not racist he just does racist things to win votes. Vive la difference.

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