Jul 28

I have a relative who’s done rather well. He’s the social mobility that people say is missing. What does his example mean to the other 1000 who went to his school? Does it mean because the boy done good the rest who have not eating at soup kitchens makes society fairer? Social Mobility is a sign for me not a goal. Its lack a sign of a society where Capital is hoarded by a small connected minority whatever creed or colour or religion they are, The Privileged.

Now US Liberals who tend to lead UK Liberals or Progressives as they ironically call themselves have coined the term “White Privilege”. Now it’s true people at the top regardless of the odd token are mainly white. Indeed away from elections and politics probably more so. White Privilege to extol the need to promote a small minority of a minority is just another angle of the racist creed of Multiculturalism. A few token faces to pad the reality that society does not use the full talents of its people only a mostly chosen clique. I wonder if this is a way for mainstream ‘Progressive’ politics to isolate Occupy and the growing numbers who see through the ‘left’ ‘right’ farce of a debate between our major political parties.

Austerity reduces public  education and health on both sides of the Atlantic. The poor they’re likely to get poorer. Yet take care of Health and Education and offer jobs with real wages and everything else will take care of itself to a degree. Economies of countries dedicated to their financial system parasite create no wealth without creating ever more debt – unsustainable. They atrophy the rest of the economy into an unchanging zombie existence that neither pro or anti Capitalists should support.

This is a downward spiral that doesn’t care what race its victims are.

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