Jul 06

Labour has been silent this last year gradually backing every Govt policy in the hope of getting rich after the next election they may have blown. Max Kaiser at least understands the larceny going on in a series of tweets:-

The biggest problem Britain’s NHS has is that it can’t defend itself against City of London predators who want to chop it up and sell it off

I don’t think people in UK understand that breaking up the NHS means millions in UK will no longer be able to afford health care. #suckers

The ‘new’ NHS will be replaced with an equally inefficient more expensive system; one that the majority of Britons won’t be able to afford.

Size of Britain’s NHS is same size as Ireland’s economy. Like Ireland, it’s in the hands of financial terrorists and nobody cares #fools

Put into perspective: NHS does over £200 billion ‘turnover:’ at going rates, privatization (‘sale’) should not go for less than £4 trillion.

The Irish, Greek, and Cypriot economies were small enough for City fin. terrorists to attack and big enough to make some decent money.

‘Privatise:’ giving outside interests (sometimes foreign countries) the income stream from institutions (like the NHS) away for pittance.

If the UK gets anything less than £4 trillion for privatizing the NHS, the UK people are getting ripped off. (1/100th what gov’t asking).

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