Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one?

Well US and UK get Gay Marriage soon and this has more to do with no good reason not to and a drop in bigotry than Constitutions and Snake Oil selling men in suits – Senators and Presidents reasons for change were just cringe worthy statements I’m a bigot but it upset my friends so I choose not to be a bigot on this issue. As it stands Gay Marriage could have happened any time prior to DOMA then? In some ways it’s shows the SCOTUS and POTUS are on some social issues supine followers of public opinion for all their pretentions.

The UK is a signatory to many agreements giving rights to its citizens. Indeed it could be argued the UK has to give more rights to foreigners than say POTUS who is de facto allowed to kill them after chewing the fat at Tuesday Kill List meetings. Whereas UK Foreign Secretaries are denied their chance to talk of their love of Torture and Rendition by dint of it being a criminal offence. Our precious loves can only facilitate and deny after – I have visions of Jack Straw screaming ‘You’re damn Right I gave that order” at some hearing.

Nonetheless it does leave the canard that the Governments of many countries are elected and protestors are demanding or trying to force change by means beyond a march and a few leaflets. This can be undemocratic. Yet it is also right on occasion. If a religious majority or ruling party try to suppress minority groups who want to live a different way ala the attitude of many US States to women (perversely a majority) and Egypt and Turkey to non Fundamentalist Muslims then that is wrong.

The point is that society is always be a balance between democracy and rights – neither means much without the other. Since 9-11 the rhetoric has been to damn protest, terrorism, health and safety, human rights etc till we get to here. A world of states seem run by incredibly weak mostly men elected but with seemingly their security agendas fixed as Authoritarianism. Hollande the creep who is President of France. One day he is on TV saying US surveillance is unpalatable and the EU should not negotiate a trade treaty the next he is acting as the Obama Regime’s Bidet closing airspace to diplomatic flights.

The main problem with resistance to Morsi or Erdogan is you’re dealing with self obsessed lunatics who find no amount of blood enough for their egos. In the West we deal with simpering clowns who essentially have little say and hence defend their decisions from protest with a heavy violent bureaucratic hand or the frenetic comedy of a Hollande/Hague making random stands to sound less pathetic.

There is no straight answer. No line in the sand. We have to judge for ourselves on the information available when democracy is being torn down or when it is being abused.

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