May 06

Above link, in case it breaks, shows participation in the US Labour market has fallen to 63% from 67% and unemployment has fallen. So essentially less people are trying to work for some reason.

This is interesting so fewer and fewer %tage Americans working but unemployment falling. Now one could say ageing populace but this is dramatic. Regardless the incomes of those in work also fall even against official inflation rates.

The real conditions of most people getting worse. Real wages have been dropping thus the debt of Govt and people rises but their ability to pay falls. Govt is financed by buying its own paper (printing money via the Fed). GDP, House prices in cities, stocks etc rise but incomes fall. It’s a load of crap?

Govt spending may make more sense than Austerity but Govt seems intent policy whose aim is to make us borrowing/spend more, heading for 0 or negative interest rates, even though we are deep in debt (private debt/banks ignored by likes of Krugman, Posan & Bernanke -> 2 have an economics prize equivalent to ‘Bama’s peace prize – they see high stock markets, GDP rising unemployment falling with low inflation and cry success!). Seems to me QE/low rates etc just leading to cheap money for speculators and asset price buffering for those who have access to cheap loans – not us.

UK Food banks and US Food stamps usage growing when we’re now so well off with all main indicators growing! Indicators like all Govt measures either corrupt or their production the goal not a healthy economy underlying them – known as a cargo cult.

Unlike the UK the US does have plentiful natural gas and coal which won’t need importing if the $ were to shrink. The £, good luck with that!

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