Apr 08

John Major followed her and was the last pragmatist. Since then we’ve had a grim trio of greedy venal narcissists in Blair, Brown and Cameron. By comparison she looks a paragon of doing what she actually thought was right not just right for her and her family’s future wealth although clearly Mark Thatcher was well rewarded. I’ve clearly removed any doubt her premiership was anything but poor in results here but am ambivalent at the hate figure of my teens.

Whilst the current precipitous state of the economy could be traced from the Thatcher years they did not have to become disastrous but for Brown’s chancellorship with its fellatio of the Banks. This nailed Britain to becoming a declining power with an Italian 1970’s currency. Whilst themes from her era and mistakes still haunt us it has been the hubris and extension of them which has hurt us so much. It is the belief she did much right that is wrong.

You can hardly blame Thatcher anymore than Keynes for the stupidity of Gordon Brown and Ed Balls. She died today long after anyone should care either way she just was not that good or bad 20 years on.

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