Mar 21

Ask a Man United fan why they support the team and they will cite many true things about United. United fans may have a point but those who support political parties don’t. Football fandom may have more differences than the current Punch and Punch show in the Commons.

Many Tories will talk about the free market and Austerity yet support a Conservative Chancellor who committed to £150 Bn of guaranteed but off balance sheet debt to fund the already distorted housing market. Make no mistake maintaining house prices is about not losing the election and in the end that is all they support. Else the Budget continued to think the cause of the country’s economic sluggishness cheap credit, debt and a housing bubble would save it!

The budget could just as easily have been done by Brown. Certainly it was Brownian in its conceit, desire to hand money to banks, its preference for an election bubble over real change, its preference for the fantasy and damage of shale gas over a sustainable energy policy.

In the end Osborne’s main disagreement with Brown was reduced beer duty. I guess Tories can drink to that difference but I doubt Labour will be swearing off beer well except the leaders who drink claret and champagne.

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