Mar 10

You don’t have to be an economist, indeed it helps not to be, to know the prevailing world economics make no sense.

Debt is up. Stocks are up. House prices in Capitals up. Taxes Up. Energy prices up. Rents up. Real inflation up. Greenhouse gases up. Pollution up.

Incomes are down and falling rapidly against the true inflation.

These are all obvious conclusions of raising asset prices by QE and supplying cheap credit.

You don’t have to be a Marxist to know Capitalism cannot work like this. 

You’ll see lots of left or as they laughably call themselves Progressives quote the Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman who argues for even more QE etc. The sad fact is that constantly making the rich richer in a declining economy is just leading to debt rising, stagnation, poverty, suicides, higher mortality, climate change progressing etc etc this could lead and is leading to draconian laws, surveillance, toll lanes, rising prison populations, health rationing, shortening life spans and much more.

How do we fight back when we have no political representation? A media prejudiced to the main parties and this ludicrous accepted wisdom? Well buy assets that are not affected by Govt money printing like Bitcoins, Gold, Silver and other commodities – don’t buy products based on the prices of these things. I’m close to advising people to refrain from voting unless they have a Green Candidate. I really don’t see the point of voting for right wing loons like UKIP.

Regardless of anything else what is the point of society and economic activity if it favours only a fraction of the population. This is not the result of some market or competition it is as designed as any Soviet influenced country.

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