Feb 10

A lot of people making public comments about Paul Gascoigne. A lot of people publicly helping Gascoigne.

Very little water cooler reaction to the sheer scale of death from Labour’s chase for future money for financiers from its NHS’ ‘reforms’. Indeed the Baby Boomers are content to hold debt over their own children. They are happy to deny them union rights. To make their education a form of indentured servitude. To force them into more and more subsidised jobs that do not increase the Gross Domestic Product.

The point being people’s seeming inability to rationalise the problems of individuals compared to the seeming mere statistics of real death and tragedy.

On Gascoigne do people and especially his friends so prominently seen to help him this week think this attention has ever done any good? Is the intention of people much like with the wasted emotion of guilt to use their caring to suggest they are somehow good people? Good people who keep electing Govts who callously condemn thousands to deaths? Govts working in the interests of a smaller and smaller number of people? Good people who demand no change as they and their Children’s pensions and wealth are pissed away.

Jimmy Greaves today makes the point Gascoigne does not have a reason to stay sober. He has little in his life. Thousands of people with reasons to live will die because of our indifference. Our care or not care will not change Gascoigne’s fate.

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