Dec 23

Some miss the Obama Administration’s greatness from this side of the pond. Here its greatness appears to be in what Obama is not and what his election being of recent Kenyan descent meant to self congratulatory Liberals and racist scum.

Plus: he’s not a Republican:he says nice things about gay people and is correct on issues of gay and female rights especially rape which many ‘licans seem to be unable to agree is 100% wrong, period:  he will appoint a series of nice people who take a similar line to the Supreme Court.

What more do you want? 

Did Obama campaign against guns in the recent presidential election or is he now hopping on a bandwagon? Seriously who wants the Administration to lead when he can wait for polls and focus groups and react?

He can act. He and his Droogs showed the Occupy movement. These lunatic were suggesting: an end to legalised insider trading by Congress among other things. Occupy further antagonised chief Droog Pelosi and the Administration by demanding: Campaign Finance Reform: term limits for congress: end to futures trading in commodities: no too large to fail companies: end to bonuses for people in Govt business like Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. Nutters.

No wonder the FBI treated these Occupy people like criminals and potential terrorists to protect the sanctity of a corrupt Congress and Banking industry that had crippled the economy. What kind of clowns would want an end to insider trading by Representatives? What next an end to Pork Barrel spending? An end to money laundering for the drugs industry by banks?

The Obama Administration protects all US citizens but especially the rich ones.

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