Dec 08

There can surely be no excuse for the poor bashing in the Autumn Statement? It amounts to a triumph of rhetoric over reality. I am sure we can all find spongers and wasters but I don’t see the jobs out there. I do see poverty. I do see people close to an abyss of the burgeoning under class. 

The amounts of money saved are complete drops in the Ocean compared to the waste of PFI, Bail Outs, QE and the size of the debt and deficit. It may be on a sane economic footing we could not afford what we have now but just cutting monetary amounts whilst cutting services and pushing costs of living up for the poor is just a statement of distaste. It’s a statement of stupidity or malevolence.  This was a budget about money for friends without care or again a hatred for normal people.

Choosing Gas as an energy solution a country who produces far less than it consumes is a country consigning itself to energy poverty. It was a crime against the Environment.

Labour has not defended these people. Indeed one assumes that Balls and Miliband are finding out what the focus groups think as I type on whether or not to oppose Welfare cuts. Still hate filled reactionaries even if they probably could not be worse than George Osborne albeit Balls would try.

As to sucking demand out of the economy by printing money for Bankers and PFI owners but removing income from the poorest well it makes no sense for a society that wishes to remain law abiding and democratic.

If you don’t have a Green or decent Left candidate the only vote at present is None of The Above.

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