Nov 28

You’d think doctors would have enough on their plates doing their jobs in a PFI ravaged Health Service. However you’d be wrong they have noticed that many of us are fat and some drink a lot. They notice that some of these people have complications and don’t eke out every last day they could live. They and a Govt desperate to sell arms to overseas murderers would like us to live a little longer and drink less. Amazingly these Doctors can’t spot Foundation Status chasing Hospitals cost cutting letting people die.  Nor the tidal wave of super bugs killing 1000s.

Despite not being scientists or knowing much more than a expert system matching symptoms to likely causes fed to them by science Doctors are forever being quoted on what the nation drinks. Indeed they claim that minimum alcohol charges presented by Govt will save 2070 lives a year. They won’t try and prove that years later and as alcohol drinking is falling they would doubtless claim causation where none exists.

I guess Doctors are not that intelligent. After all it takes them 7 years to learn how to do their job.  Sadly for these slow learners that education does not cover statistics so they just invent those I assume.

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