Nov 27

It’s a sad irony that after being encouraged to join the Euro by the likes of Goldman Sachs [Greece by those actual spivs] the South European nations Italy, Spain and Greece are now the property of ex Goldman Sachs bureaucrats and spivs free to lock up journalists and ship their assets to their mates in Goldman Sachs and similar disreputable companies.

Until yesterday no major Northern European nation had been forced to do this but with all its internal candidates broken the Bank of England will have  a 13 year Goldman veteran head it. Now we should not label people just by association but a career banker of any shade is to be avoided.

With all 3 major parties supporting this appointment we can now safely say that on the big issues you’ll find nothing but agreement between the 3 main parties. Not one call for an economist or anti banker just another insider who was happy to be paid a lot in the noughties while our Chidren’s future was consumed – I have no children but you know what I mean!

Seems I underrated their control take away Spain add Ireland, France, Belgium add Germany.

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