Sep 22

Darling said they did not get rid of Head Banker Mervyn King because there was no one else. This is of course pure Labour rhetoric, cowardice and their defining quality can kicking. King’s ability to hang on like the leech he is is his savvy albeit not on matters of economics to which he remains blissfully ignorant.

King has just consigned our children to an even bleaker future to appease the tit Osborne. His comments the worst is over and “Deficit Scmeficit” say we are to have a 3 year election boom of consuming more from abroad and devaluing. The poor will be hungry in record numbers but the declining middle class will be fooled by another set of charlatans. Obama may be a tosser but he needs 50% of the vote unlike the 35% here.

The alternate view is the King is on crack and genuinely believes the worst is over. You decide.

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