Nov 18

The Independent or at least its ‘i’ variant described a ‘desperate’ Nick Clegg apologising for breaking a promise he never expected to have to keep. However Clegg is a deputy and in a coalition without ministry hardly a strong position to effect much and bound by a coalition agreement which if coalition Govt is to be credible he should accept up to  point. That point is now.

The casual acceptance of the spongers rhetoric started by Rupert’s mouth pieces and his mates Blair and Brown’s Govt means that the poor and disabled will suffer even greater hardships than now – councils and services as well as real benefits only cuts enforced so far. It’s arguably with food banks etc that it’s actually worse now than the 80s as everyone in the ghettoised communities so beloved of [racist] multiculturalist Labour mean that the segregation of those with nothing leaves almost no effective community in place. Benefit levels are lower in real terms to boot.

Does Clegg and his party stand up for those who the Tories wish to hurt purely it seems for the joy of doing so? It’s hard to accept that at a time when no economic goal is being tackled other than by meaningless rhetoric that printing money to be shipped to Jersey or speculated with to no positive end is downright nasty, evil even. To then further emasculate the economy by pushing the bottom level below subsistence is a recipe for: riots: suicide: hunger: lack of demand for goods to further reduce entrepreneurial fire they claim to want to stoke. Labour/Conservative policy is the dismantling of our education, health, social welfare and support infrastructure to try to win elections by appealing to the reactionary and get funds, personal and party, from the process via graft.

Clegg now has a choice as does his party. At present they are essentially a cause of worse Govt by preventing anything but hotch potch policies like the changes to qualifications. A party enslaving itself to rhetoric not action as increasingly insane policies stem from a Govt they are part of.

They need to fight the rhetoric of labelling the poor and forget about student fees. That seems like crying over spilt milk to me.

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