Sep 05

Let’s be clear austerity policies and the continued hounding of the disabled and unemployed to get jobs that are not there is a stain on this Govt. It will cost more than it saves even before the toll of suicides and broken people is included. That the Tories, for it is their ministers largely responsible, are doing this to sound tough at conference is lamentable. That they have merely continued the policies of Labour and their former pets ATOS and A4E merely reflects the lack of mainstream choice we face in our better than nothing democracy.

With the problems likely to fall on the Health Service in full retreat as it tries to find the 100s of Billions to pay off Labour’s friend’s PFI contracts the next Health Secretary would need to be a genius. Instead we get the soiled Jeremy Hunt. Now I have some sympathy over BSkyB with their noses still slightly brown hue from their time up Murdoch and Brooks arses Labour’s rhetoric against Hunt was ridiculous hurt lover stuff. It was like Marie-Ségolène Royal attacking Hollande’s current bit of regular.

Nonetheless Hunt should never be Health Secretary. If behind his rhetoric Cameron would rather kill the poor than treat them he’d struggle to make it more obvious than putting someone who wants the NHS removed and is on the record as saying that. If that is not his intention then again what intelligence does a 1st class Oxbridge degree confer on its holder?

Worse than that Hunt is a nut case apparently who believes in Homoeopathy. A cult of divine water or something that has no scientific backing. The NHS currently wastes money on this. Frankly Hunt must be off his rocker if he swallows that shit.

What message is Cameron sending here? Is it a complex one that turns a mask to the people and says to his own the NHS is safe for yet more stealing like PFI? Or is it more likely he’s a fool? I think sadly the latter is almost certainly true.

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