Jul 11

So I read today that QE toting villain Mervyn King is only half a scumbag. That it was the overweening ego of Darling that bailed out the banks without restructuring. King dislikes the chiselling  spivs like Robert Diamond and Jamie Dimon as much as the rest of us.

Given bank corruption and the arguable Kleptocracy to support that what most surprises me is not the acquiescent 3 main political parties, nor the support of the Guardian and Liberals for that process but the lack of fight from British Capital. Maybe all Industry and Govt is now so corrupt that with everyone’s profits handed to them by patronage and their losses and debt lumped on the public, even if only by tax breaks for incompetence. It seems no one feels crowded out by the larceny that is the essence of the political system now except the poor and they aren’t organised.

Quite how anyone supposes this system will ever work is moot. The Rich will live in ring fenced or isolated communities with armed guards and who cares if the rest of us are starving as long as their place in the firmament is sorted. A sort of my life’s shit but I’m up the hierarchy and other’s lives are worse. A sad value-less life for everyone essentially, even those in their gated communities fretting on crime and how ungrateful the poor are, but with clear anthropological roots in the need for hierarchy in ape communities.

I don’t know what self delusion one needs to believe in Labour or Conservatives policies of austerity with money printing as in any way sane but that lack of opposition to such obvious lunacy and larceny is amazing.

You’ve nothing to lose but a grim future.

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