Jun 18

I guess if someone came along and said my dad or brother owed them money I might pay. If someone said my boss’ boss’ boss did the answer would be good luck. This would be my view if I was Greek or Spanish to German demands to re-enact something like the Treaty of Versailles on them.

How can people be held accountable for mistakes by private banks? For a corrupt political class stealing? This is almost like a honey trap by the Germans who went into a single currency and loaded people up on purer and purer heroin before giving them poison and shutting down supply.

The punishments wanted by Germany are self defeating as much of the debt was gained buying German goods – do you shoot your customers?  The solutions offered, austerity and Cambodian Year Zero economics, only make sense to a Kleptocratic class who made money from this crisis and want to entrench their position. To people who want to show their power over others.

Angela Merkel in her attempts to get re-elected by being seen to be strong is showing her moral hazard every bit as much as the scum who took Greece into the Euro. It’s in no one’s interests but her and her party’s own to crucify Greece. What Greece owes is not a fig leaf compared to the money printed by the ECB, over a Trillion Euros. Greece is 0.4% of the world economy it surely does not matter?

There is no good reason for Greece to take this bailout and Spain should immediately default instead of being sucked in.

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