Apr 06

Is the only purpose of a daily newspaper to supply people for others to hate on?

It’s an odd paradox as the UK gets deeper and deeper into the quagmire of interfering in countries to no good end it’s papers scream blue murder at a series of pathetic rather than nasty. Shannon Matthews, a mentally ill child of a millionaire, Samantha Brick hoisting herself from her own petard etc I mean even footballers like  John Terry, Luiz Saurez and Mario Balotelli. Is all this anger entertaining? Do people need such re-affirmation of their morality for sitting and doing nothing offered by a host of plastic villains?

We are in the middle of economic news that no one in authority appears to have an answer to other than pray it away. The cuts will kill 1000s. Our security forces desperately scramble for more secrecy as they become as exposed as not just clowns but clowns with bells on and added depravity to boot. A Home  Secretary content to hand lawyers money rather than accept her own incompetence.

Nero was not a role model.

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