Mar 03

I’ve no doubt that there are serious issues that will affect the lives of many in the Health Bill. Yet I can’t help feeling it’s more about the obfuscation of Westminster. 

Just as Alan Johnson was forced to dismiss phone hacking as not important enough for Police to start arresting people who were personal friends of the PM and hence the whole thing is over blown opera. So the health bill is probably no more of a leap than Foundation Status etc. Indeed the main Tory error is they seem to have gone for the opposite to Labour who seemed to have like 13 Health Bills in 13 years trying to convince an unwilling and stupid party it was not heading for Privatisation. The Government seem to want to make major change in one bill with no time to bed down and without having coherently thought through the bill. They also do not have the money to buy off the greedy representatives of doctors and nurses like Labour did.

For all the threats and screams of pain to come the difference on the Health Bill is small. Labour’s slow march to privatisation and the day when corporations take a cut of every operation etc is being quickened. The Liberals have asked for concessions to sound more left wing mostly – preserving the bill but altering the rhetoric to appeal more to their supporters than it currently does.

The point being the Health Bill will likely not affect 99% of us. In 10 years time that world will be virtually indistinguishable from what it would be under Labour/whoever. This is not true of Climate Change or the current Bankserism – Mail reports that mortgage rates about to rise despite the banks getting their money for nothing and their claret for free. The turning of the whole economy to hand money to the already rich risk free is killing Capitalism but not in a way that will work for the benefit of the 99.9%.

We should avoid getting sucked into the narcissism of small differences in Westminster. Real change in govt policy on Forests and Work-Fare has come from outside Labour whose goal is to ride protest by not affecting change. Their goal is election so they can slow the pace of Health Privatisation in the hope you don’t notice it happening.

Concentrate on the big issues economy, wars and climate.

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