Feb 25

George Monbiot did it the other and said ‘The Tories’. A lot of people do it. Most of them well aware that Labour is not an alternative but a continuation with nicer rhetoric, less incompetence (although so incompetent I would not call it a strength) but a worse toy throwing that led to bank bailouts and QE that will blight our economy for at least 1 decade.

The left by use the term “The Tories” when everything from Schools, student fees to Health-care policy is a continuation of the anti intellectual meme Govt from 1997. It owes far more to Blair than Major. The anti Intellectual meme is deep into its 15th year. Arguably rather than the stealth bill year after year to meet the needs of rhetoric at least The Tories, oops, put on the table where they want to go. The Labour Govt wanted the same things but would not dare tell its supporters.

One can understand why people use language to unite the left many of whom labour under misapprehensions about Labour. However from the Poll Tax to Forestry it is not Labour who achieves anything in opposition – it’s not their aim. the Students who marched and got to hear a speech from the miserable Ed Miliband only for him to shaft them weeks later. Indeed with Labour volte-facing its economic policies their support can turn to opposition over night. It is better to make it clear in any demo or organisation to fight Govt to tell Labour fans they are welcome but they park their support for Labour at the door.

The correct nomenclature is “Parliament”, the Tories are not the issue.

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