Jan 06

Having to listen to US politicians mostly of a Republican nature is hard. They will say how they are guided by the Lord and rattle on at the need for us to nuke I-ran and how abortion is more evil than ummmhh evil. How killing people even via state sanctioned means is worthy of a boast!  Worth cheering your state is so full of murderers you had to kill 500 yourself.

Good fun is also to be had apparently at the expense of the robotic Mitt Romney trying to sound unreasonable to appeal to the Republican Core. No doubt should Romney win the chance to be humiliated by Barack Obama he will have to have a candidate for Veep who is nearly as venal and grasping and one wonders if it’s possible as wholesomely stupid as Sarah Palin.

Then again at least this bunch publicly state their beliefs. Out of power Tony Blair opted for a religion whose values are polar opposite of those expressed by his party. Blair also made clear on leaving power how the man in the Sky guided his thinking in his ‘righteous’ wars when he was drinking Bush brand Kool Aid, since found to rot the brain. Now Blair screams we must attack Iran as soon as possible if not sooner.

Gordon Brown may have been worse except nothing he says should be treated as even an approximation of the truth. We do know he struggled around women, was violent, bullying, angry, depressive, stupid, incompetent, lying and the 2 droogs who worshiped that now lead the Labour Party. We know he did not like gambling but never said a word. That if you disagreed with him once he held a grudge for years. That he tried to trade troops lives in a war he chose and said was necessary for a Tobin Tax. Safe to say the dear Labour party’s dear leader was not the full schilling.

Really is the crime of US right wing politicians one of honesty? Is their economics based not on QE and supporting casino banking not less insane than Barack Obama’s or Osborne’s. The fact is for all the rhetoric the agenda moves right because right wing politicians shape the agenda with their honesty not rhetoric.

No I would not want them here but that’s not to say they should be derided as crazy when they are clearly more honest than our recent Prime Ministers.

Romney or Blair would surely be a no contest.

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