Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Their paternalism never better exemplified than when one of their younger members goes on TV to lecture people about their weight. Now they come, rightly for once, to lecture the Tories on what health cuts are doing to the NHS.

This is the body who milked the Health Service as  Brown and his droogs* threw money at anything they think would vote for the flailing failing tail end of Clintonomics where you spend money and don’t ask who or why anyone keeps buying Govt paper as long as they do. GP were able to secure Billions extra for often no increase in work.

* The Eds apparently argue day and night over which one is Dim. Both claim the name.

In return doctors stayed remarkably quiet (and nurses) as New Labour’s class, the highly paid administrators, trousered money. Despite the cash injections cleaning stayed as obviously an open sore as the Major era – MRSA and C-DIFF are preventable infections yet 1000s died.

Labour then in an effort to break up the national bargaining power of the less powerful and poorer workers brought in Foundation Status. This meant that NHS Trusts would get fiscal independence to pay more money to administrators, the New Labour Class, whilst cutting things like cleaning and meals again.

Topping off Labour’s perfect storm was that to spend money, and no doubt enhance their pay, Health Authority  Administrators had to use PFI. Indeed they were encouraged to use PFI. PFI essentially meant that if Govt had spent a Trillion on Health it would add a Trillion to debt but because of PFI it added 150 Bn (say not being exact here) a year to the cost of Govt which is ongoing and in many cases index linked for 30 years or more. Indeed even Labour’s Stella Creasy and Margaret ‘Enver’ Hodge now scream how awful and what poor value PFI is – that is so Labour to complain out of power what you enforced in power. It’s also why when people say the UK debt is not that high they are ignoring the real level of debt hidden on the credit card we are stuck into making mimimum payments on at maximum interest.

Given the way the Labour Govt negotiated the GPs’ deals then we can rest assured with inflation and cuts but no growth in the economy that even mild increases every year in health spending would see the NHS stretched. We’ve had the improvements and won’t get anymore for 25 years. The point is over the piece a Govt spending less would have done less damage medium and long term. Labour left the NHS like the IMF the 3rd world and the Eurozone Greece and Ireland up to their eyeballs in enslaving debt.

Recently there was talk of protecting NHS whistleblowers something Labour promised to do but its need to be seen to spend money rather than care for people  meant they were not tolerated. In reality Whistleblowers are the lowest form of life to New Labour or any authoritarian state knows best Govt.  The media killed stories involving 1000s of deaths to focus on more emotive stories like dead children with easy labels – less statistical stories and ones where blame and grief porn could be targeted.

In addition after all that spending and in too short a time period to blame the current Govt we are despite spending far more facing a shortage of GPs.

Labour talking of spending a bit more now makes little difference with the brutal accelerators they have put in place. Clearly whoever is in power should not be considering re-organisation based seemingly on some dogma and 5 minutes thought. Yet the coalition via Lansley seem as chock full of greedy expect to do well at the public’s expense consultants as Labour were.

What Labour did should really result in criminal charges in my humble one for Brown and his thugs. Incompetence costs more than cuts so whilst I am horrified at coalition policy I cannot say putting the clowns back in charge is likely to make things anything but worse.

Again we need to defend the NHS not let vote hungry liars grab our headlines. Ed Miliband pissed on the fools who let him on the student loans’ march and anyone who claims the NHS is precious to Labour after the last 13 years is surely a fanatic not a rational assessor.

In this period where stick or bust makes little difference economically the UK should maintain it’s infrastructure and that is principally it’s transport, health and education systems.

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