Nov 25

Someone was explaining why the cuts were having a disproportionate effect on social services. The explanation was clear with so many long term contracts councils (and PFI bound NHS, Education and central Govt) could only cut the soft stuff they still ran. This reminds me of an IT manager who when asked to cut costs locked the stationary cabinet whilst 30 £500 a contractors spent time trying to get pens and pads of paper out of secretaries.

Thus to save the odd billion Britain’s already poverty assured benefits get further cuts. Yet none of this  petty hatred of the poor matches the cost of £6Bn for an unnecessary aircraft carrier – why is no one being investigated and charged with this?

Labour fanatics quibble about the price paid for Northern Rock as the Govt tossed Branson arguably a fat chunk of change conveniently ignoring the £21 Bn in toxic debt they took on our behalf from Northern Rock. Again a figure that dwarfs anything else. Yet still no charges.

Vodafone and others pay next to no tax on Bns of profits. Energy companies fleece the rest of us on the grounds of Green investment they are not making! Yet no taxes are aimed at them.

A Tobin Tax to prevent the kind of casino banking only a few countries are stupid enough to do is opposed on what grounds? Seriously where else are the banks going? The US? well they’d be welcome to all the Investment Bankers we can send.

VAT cuts would stimulate low level demand for the goods as well to maintain more employment.

It’s a measure of how unnecessary deep short term cuts are that with inflation 5+% the UK is paying 2% on long term debt.

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