Aug 20

David Cameron probably considers himself an intelligent person with values. He has tended to float without an anchor able to lead both Conservative Party and Coalition. He has at times shown magnificent ignorance and been prepared to accept the UK’s past as an imperial power whose malign influence lies behind many of the world’s problems.

Sadly though as we found with his fellow floater Blair this is OK when nothing is happening but when leadership is required they fail. Blair by being a puppet of the country likely to provide him with a large income when he retired. Cameron by falling into ranting and being a populist puppet of the right wing press. His ridiculous reaction to the riots exposes fully the folly of politicians without beliefs, or in the Brown/Obama case beliefs they are not prepared to enunciate or hold and were only pretending, to themselves, they had!  Yes it may have led to an increase in the Polls but as someone unaligned in the Westminster game with the finances cooked what are you achieving by doing nothing? Nothing being defined as always taking the path of least resistance and never leading.

This week also saw talk of UK troops being redeployed to the worst parts of the Afghan war. Another relic of his failure to lead. It was clear we were inching towards the exit door with the less war like views of their coalition partners leading somewhat. However by not stating a policy or in any way undermining the vicious no holds barred depravity of the US it’s our turn again and we cannot say No without causing a rift with our only ally!

Ed Miliband would take any position to get elected yet will pump morality. From talking to Labour voters it’s clear that they will feign and scream morality even when they have none. They will follow Miliband down the divisive alley of anti women, anti poor and anti immigrant if he so wishes to be Blue. It’s clear to me that the PPE course that Cameron, Balls and Ed Miliband went on is a place for weak non thinkers with over weening ambition. The one thing I take from it is a 1st class Oxbridge degree may confer the mantle of being smart but does not bring any guarantee of being able to think.

Cameron is a bit like the Daily Mail with the hate turned down – lots of values which meld into a disgusting mess of hypocrisy and contradiction. No value structure or principal just a greedy reactionary bourgeois.

I guess I’ll still vote Liberal Democrat  if only to temper whoever is in power and keep the racist BNP/Labour vote down.

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