Nov 30

John Denham the so called Communities Secretary chucked in the following gem of specious politicing:-

White working-class communities feel a justifiable sense of grievance and deserve additional help reserved for minority groups

It shows the cul de sac of the divisive and patronising creed of multiculturalism at the heart of New Labour. Somehow the 90+% who are so called ‘white’ are now an oppressed race under this Govt.

What the working classes of all groups have suffered from is the failures of Govt. If white working class communities are being failed it’s because New Labour is failing all working class people.

I am sure the ethnic working classes and poor don’t feel the last 12 years has been some nirvana for them. Their children are being left by the way side and leaving school ill educated and equipped. Their children are also growing up together being taught to fetishise their petty differences when their shared experience is the same – no social mobility and being left to rot in poor housing with no access to the best health and education.

The pressure on housing from immigrants if true is only because they are not building enough homes and have not been for 12 years. Indeed Labour have deliberately stood by and allowed immigrants to cop this for their decisions. Yet now they find BNP votes threatening their seats they don’t man up and take the blame they de facto endorse the BNP position.

Brown’s outlandish plan to build new housing without the resources to do so will further hit established communities of all types by cutting the budget for repair and modernisation. A temporary fix if it’s anything and  long term pass the problem to the next Govt or the one after.

What are they trying to achieve? As though the working classes will suddenly say “you’ve only had 12 years to make our lives worse and I am sure it will improve if we give you 5 more”. I can only assume the Govt is assuming the working classes are even dumber than their education system assumes. 8 years on they are as desperate and dangerous as Billy Hague to shore up a low vote.

If we must sub divide the country like a human cake then the most indulged minority by per capita spending is what Denham would call ‘White’ and ‘Sir’.

The Scots.

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2 Responses to “Denham : Whitey Lovely Lovely Votes”

  1. 1. Charlie Mackle Says:

    NL only seem to react to lobby groups. Like the third-rate alternative comedians who they seem to ape, they only listen to who shouts loudest. Allied to this is their outrageous complacency about the white working class vote.

  2. 2. reaction Says:

    My point is how is the so called ‘white’ working class distinct from the working class since it’s almost all so called ‘white’. It’s the most ludicrous distinction I can think of since innocent AIDS victims! It’s like having a football team and referring to 10 as being different from the 1. So 10 play for White Man United and the other is Black Man United although they wear the same kit play together and win together.

    The idea the ethnic working classes benefit much from hand outs to self appointed often middle class community leaders and groups is exaggerated. Indeed hand outs to groups based on race merely perpetuate a distinction that does not exist.

    All working class people have been failed by New Labour.

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