Dec 04

The WikiLeaks revelations and the rejection of a pitiable England bid for the World Cup have led to a lot of exposing of the National psyche and seemingly deep seated self loathing. Like a low self esteem teenager we chase prizes and external validation of ourselves with the sad relentlessness of depressed Labour ministers after women. Then react like whiny entitled teens when rejected. 

The worst revelation is that our PM  Brown tried to play silly games leveraging our support in Afghanistan to try to get  a Tobin tax. Our ill-equipped seemingly, from all honest 3rd party sources, failing troops have it seems just been used and placed in Afghanistan as a device to create adulation and respect for the buffoon Brown. Their lives like our money being thrown at things all for the reflected glory of one vile figurehead of an unscrupulous and twisted political party. Worse the US could probably have done without having to pretend to us that it was good like when your 8 year old has scored a terrible own goal and cost his side the game.

Paul Weller once asked what chance have you got against a tie and a crest but I’d reverse it what chance does a Tie and Crest have against the hidden and nonsensical agendas of the US, Europe or FIFA when we walk poodle like up to them.  Imagine us in the Euro!  The reaction of our papers when our preferred bid, bar our own, Russia won was pathetic. Along the lines of we do not want your World Cup anyway. Indeed media outlets without a hint of irony quote and allow uncritical face time to the cunts that ran this bid and were so well paid for doing so. They not Blatter should be in the stocks.

My point is that we should really believe in our great qualities and stop trying to curry favour. The Swiss don’t curry favour. Nor do the Swedes. The Germans don’t lap dog and neither do the French. America says might is right. China Aussi. Neither should we. It does not matter what others say or think of you or how important you are it’s what you believe that counts.

Honestly the US does not care if we wage war with it. FIFA does not care if we bid for the World Cup. Europe no longer cares about us in the Euro. Neither should we.

The UK has among the best Beer in the world (even if we drink largely foreign phish), the deepest football leagues, cricket, free buses for the elderly, National Hunt racing and the ability to owe 5 Trillion and no one turn a hair.

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