Nov 30

I got my Coffee this morning from a newly opened place in Reading station. This evening I had some home made Coffee ice cream from there. I’ve been there about 5 times. They have sweet jars and posh chocolates.

Of course in Reading station they are up against a Costa, 3 AMT stands, A Cornish pasty stand, a Delice en France and 2 Bagguete stalls whose name escapes me [Upper Crust]. Not to mention 2 Subways and a Burger King not forgetting the Bagel place. That is just in the station alone.

They are polite. They can tell you where their milk was farmed. It’s not homogenised  so apparently the body takes the protein and less fat is absorbed. The ice cream is home made.

Yet people will queue for 5 minutes for a Costa rather than even try the coffee stall down the way just once. Home made mince pies packed with real ingredients no match for cheap quick bake trans fat loaded snacks from Costa. Now I like Costa more than other coffee houses but it’s a shame people will not branch out and try. At least the service is polite and you will get served very quickly.

In the end it seems so far to be a tale of the lie we all have gourmet taste. That the British are adventurous gastronomy seekers. I know I have had some salutary coffee experiences in my time in small especially family Italian places. Nonetheless surely it’s better to seek out something than even the best an chain can offer. It’s also a mite cheaper as well and knowing where the cow lives or that someone can tell you what and where the coffee came from is surely worth a taste?

It’s out of season for some to eat ice cream but that does not stop me if I am late leaving work when a treat is in order as I still have a way to go. Sadly I have only 13 working days left in Reading but let’s hope Tutti Frutti can over come it’s inauspicious start.

If this causes one person to experience some Tutti Frutti en Route then well and good.

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11 Responses to “Tutti Frutti En Route”

  1. 1. Charlie Mackle Says:

    Maybe this says more about the sort of corporate drones that pass through Reading railway station than anything else. After all, they’re mostly heading for corporate automaton land, having banished their independent thoughts (if they had any in the first place) and rented out their brains for the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and British Gas down at Thames Valley Park. I know the likes of Visa have an office in the centre.

    Apparently CAMRA has a thriving presence in Reading and when the beer festival is on the sad bearded bastards are prepared to queue up for three hours to get into the beer tents — I expect if a superb Wetherspoon pub opened right next door selling great beer for half the price they’d still stand in the queue.

    Large corporations as cattle pens.

  2. 2. jack Says:

    i went there it is brill there ice cream is delicious and i would go there over anything! Try it!

  3. 3. perfect revelation Says:

    Visited Tutti Frutti in Reading Station, they were so friendly that they made my evening better and their cake…just amazing and homemade!

  4. 4. Peter Says:

    While their shop is nice, they are not. Just thought everyone might like to know how Paul the owner, sacked me yesterday morning before starting work with no reason and no notice. He is aware that I am supporting my pregnant partner, who is 6 months. All in all, not very nice people and I wonder how they sleep at night.

  5. 5. David Says:

    Tutti Frutti is great – I’m often in there late at night waiting for the train home. It’s great to have a friendly place that is open late and serves hot drinks and yummy ice cream. The owner is always friendly and chatty, the other day he kept the place open even later than normal when there were delays to the last train home so that we could have Tea whilst waiting. Just great. Well worth a visit.

  6. 6. Lindley Says:

    Stopped off at this shop coming and going in Reading. Enjoyed the coffee,sweets, service. If I were passing through again, I would stop there again.

  7. 7. Fay Says:

    The owners *ARE* lovely, and seem to treat the rest of the staff really well – lovely atmosphere. They’ll go out of their way to help out. I’m glad I popped in when I did, definitely worth giving local businesses a chance. I will go there time and time again, and would recommend to anyone. (Banoffee icecream…mmm)

  8. 8. Lisa Says:

    My friend and I dropped in for a latte today and the 2 guys who served us were very welcoming. Unfortunately, I don’t live near Reading station, however with a warm reception like that, and a free taste of ice cream, I’ll be back

  9. 9. Sally Says:

    Hope Peter’s story about sacking isn’t true. It’s worth breaking your journey at Reading to grab a coffee and (even midwinter) icecream at this cafe. Great food and service and none of the Clone Rangers feeling you get at all the franchises and chain stores on this station.

  10. 10. dreamalittledreamalot Says:

    A most definite must when visting Reading – the ice cream is by far the best in the area and the food and drink is so much better value and quality than you get anywhere else!

  11. 11. johntucker Says:

    Every time i go into the station i go here , it is the best , there ice cream is great and coffee delicious , they are lovely to there costumers and staff alike , i dont belive you peter :L

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