Nov 30

For those misfits who hope to find friends, love and kindred spirits on the web I’ve some back news. The problems that afflict you in every day life will surface. Indeed they may even be accentuated. The popular will stay popular and those who consider themselves above us will reinforce that status.

People will not share ideas unless they think they will be popular. You will be able to follow a banal discourse between well known lefties on Twitter that 10 year olds could better. The reason  is of course those mad ideas we only tell to friends or want to explore if stated baldly will attract odium from people you’ve never met – like Inspector Cunt of the yard if you make flippant threat against an airport.

In many ways the internet is not far off the national newspapers in looking for people to Punk or to assume they want or deserve mega attention. To give people a 2 minute topic at the water cooler. Thus a woman who puts a cat in a bin gets seen world wide and attracts a hatred that whilst deserved most murderers struggle to get.

The exploration of ideas is limited as well. The well read leftist blogs tend to all self congratulate each other and whilst none follow Labour policy they will come election time make a huge amount  out of 1 or 2% less cuts in Govt Spending. They certainly will say nothing unpopular nor will they challenge their readers in anyway. Indeed they fail to explore any thoughts or ideas and just becoming pick me ups for people to feel better about themselves for voting for the party of Brown, Blair, Straw, the thick Miliband, the thin Miliband, Woolas, Balls and Alan Johnson! Depraved garbage the lot of ’em.

Indeed the internet has merely heightened the divide with bland banter and rhetoric used to pretend we have a huge choice in our society. People are able to mine a rut of self congratulation about themselves and why their views make them better people.

As for even internet dating, sorry ladies. One can read your profiles and your narrative about what an interesting 38 year old you are and realise why you are single. That close family, 3 languages spoken, exercise classes, cats and dogs, travel to interesting locations, socialising with 100s of friends is a very full life and who wants to be an adjunct to that?

In the end you can like me just bloody mindedly put your view out there and maybe secretly hope one day someone or some crowd will see how magnificent you are. Or just accept that at least you said and put it out there.

Happy St Andrew’s day.

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