Apr 11

The news that William Hague and co are buying off anyone who knows about torture and rendition and hence protecting the anti humans of Labour and MI5 and MI6 from being labeled war criminals  shows that whatever Westminster party you support they are all in it together.

This at a time when the UK is pressing China over the death of a businessman and trying to make it’s patchwork quilt of morality stick over the murdering scum bag Assad. All whilst we play cricket and make nice congratulating Sri Lanka on their genocide.

It’s our money they’re wasting on cover ups.

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Sep 24

It struck me last week that President Obama’s administration was one of the most contemptibly weak to perform its function. A group whose every move was aimed at 2 things 1) Elections 2) Paying back the people who paid for his election – arguably 1 thing. I provided 4 examples: His lack of any argument for why he opposed Palestinian Statehood after all their country is illegally occupied even according to the risible Obama Administration: Continue reading »

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Jan 20

A measure of Schadenfreude  from the demise of the Democratic filibuster proof Senate majority as Martha Coakley the Democratic challenger bit the dust.

Martha Coakley’s Wikipedia page says the following

she led the courtroom prosecution of then 19 year-old English au pair Louise Woodward who was later convicted in the shaking death of eight month-old Matthew Eappen of Newton, Massachusetts

This is a précis that spin-meister Allistair Campbell would be proud of.

It was a malicious  prosecution of a youth for the death of the baby.  A classic case of wilfully middle class parents leaving their baby with a girl and wanting to blame someone afterwards and a prosecutor on the make – of course not the neglect of the McCanns and their depraved friends leaving children alone and doped.

To cap it all Coakley charged Woodward with Murder! Pre meditated and aggravated Murder despite a pre-existing injury. Coakley must have some ability as through obfuscation and the usual cause of miscarriage reason, a weak minded jury who could not work out what else happened and forgot that was not their role, a murder verdict was achieved. Of course the judge instantly threw up on hearing the Jury’s verdict. He then over turned this travesty and convicted Woodward of manslaughter (something she was not even charged with) and sentenced her to time served. His verdict essentially explained she was a inexperienced person confronted with a difficult situation – things that should have been apparent to the ambitious Coakley.

That the Democrats would consider her as a candidate shows how much of a machine for advancement they are for career middle class chancers with near zero morals.

In a wider sense what this does for the Democrat agenda is not guaranteed. I am not expert enough on the US system. It need not be fatal as few get this kind of majority for long.

The President’s Administration’s power begins to ebb on day 1. Like anyone in a new job the longer you are there the less you can ask for. At least Obama does not have to grovel before his worst Senators now and that will hopefully allow him to cut a more independent cloth.

Will the Republicans just talk out all legislation? Would you vote for that? I don’t think so medium term but short term?

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Nov 25

What could go wrong with giving the predatory paedophile and fugitive from justice Roman Polanski bail? Why would the Swiss endorse an escape plan for the paedophile rapist?

Euro Fudge eh! Even us more enlightened Brits will never get it. Quite why France so proudly keeps, supports and parades a fugitive unrepentant child drugger and bugger is beyond me.

The important point to remember here is that Polanski is guilty by plea and not someone fleeing injustice or the fear of a trial.

Of course not so long ago a British court judged that you could libel the child drugging rapist Polanski.

In the end it goes to show that having friends in high places and access to wealth helps wherever you are from.

As Portuguese Police no doubt say of Kate and Gerry McCann and their family friend Brown and the British.

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