Apr 06

To praise the heartless sociopaths who rise to the top of a political system built on corruption and the needs of its paymasters may not be the way to go popularity wise. It may even seem hypocritical to people who like narrative which usually involves Obama/Brown/Cameron are decent guys who accidentally do horrible things they believed in or are devils incarnate. The truth is rather more nuanced and twisted. Personally I really don’t care how accidentally genocidal these folks are. After all they have the intelligence to step beyond and see what is happening and at some level choose not to.

Nonetheless the recent peace accords with Cuba and Iran are a huge step forward. Others can argue engagement with China and even the USSR started to bring down walls metaphorically and literally. It does not need people to be wholly good or evil to do this. It does not need the motives to be right or wrong. Indeed since killing loads of people or starving them to death is never a good idea just people looking for what will most benefit everyone would be nice. Continue reading »

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Apr 03

One of the more idiotic debates around the Snowden files was the neo Con/Liberal media debate was about legality. Snowdon’s actions were illegal and the NSA’s were legal. I would even concede that as true. However one’s actions were right and correct the others showed the grasping depths that our Govts go to to retain control for the people they represent [not us] and their deep contempt for freedom, people and democracy.

If Secretaries of States and Home Secretaries want to say people sitting in closed booths watching sexy webcams in GCHQ Cheltenham is legal, fine. If they want to say that sending undercover filth to impregnate protesters for the crime of believing climate science is proper, OK. If they say that backing death squads in Iraq is in the National Interest, whatever. If they say supporting al Quaeda in Syria is the same, it’s a view. They want to continue to hold people in the Guantanamo Torture camp without charge or trial having released the big boys of al Queada after doing deals, who am I to disagree. However why should I tolerate such marginal toilet licker opinions and they not tolerate any dissent?

The illegal label is meaningless and arguments over its application about who is in power not right or wrong.

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Dec 13

It is beyond annoying the continual polls of what supposedly white and black people feel about the deaths of poor Americans at the hands of the Police in the USA.

Regardless of anything else and accepting it proves nothing but the below is astounding slaughter  – not the same as calling cops murderers. It is surely ridiculous that people who had pen knives even are gunned down in seconds by police. Or that unarmed people are ever gunned down.  The thing most of these victims had in common was their poorness.

Conrad Hackett
Deaths from police shootings US 458 (low estimate) Germany 8 Britain 0 Japan 0

My point is that the approach of screaming racism does not work. It may well be a factor but we cannot change what is going through people’s heads or know it. Those who claim to lead communities and pimp the race angle are serving themselves or at best misguided. They also separate people from their fellow poor and offer a problem which in reality has no solution – changing hearts and minds.

Less aggressive policing, an end to continual fining for pavement blocking or jaywalking and better trained and mentally stable police can be made into a coherent demand. Screaming someone is racist or a group is racist what is the solution?

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Dec 08

According to Oxford PPE graduate Theresa May Islamic State present the gravest threat this country has ever faced. Of course May is not up on her history but the sheer stupidity of her comments when cracking down on bad driving would save more lives is noteworthy. However next to Philip Hammond, Cameron, Obama and “the gimp” John Kerry she’s a fucking genius. Their policies of stoking war in Syria and Ukraine backfired. Now they have a carnivorous Russia playing with a Fascist Kiev. In Syria the Assad regime may be about to topple but now they do not want it to so swapped sides. Enter the dragons Israel and Turkey our supposed allies and recently not friendly to each other but both fervent backers of Islamic State against their enemies – Kurds in Turkey’s case and Hezbollah/Iran in Israel’s case.

UK/US policy is now beyond mockery or caricature as its supposed allies piss on it from a great height. To cap it all off the UK Govt is to build a military base in Bahrain so it can support that country’s refusal to democratise, austerity schusterity. Again the sidebar is these people have some of the highest educational qualifications out there and they’re all either morons or unaware of the own ignorance.

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Sep 26

Labour MPs and others were claiming they were not making the same mistake at 2003 in supporting bombing designed to boost Islamic State’s standing, sorry.. stopping IS from ummh doing something being a threat to the region somehow bombing London or was it Paris or New York or whatever they’re evil, fuck it move on.

This was Fuck Yeah not Shock and Awe. This is Cameron showing despite being an Etonian and an Oxbridge 1st he can just say ‘what the fuck’. Strategy schmategy, tactics what the fuck are they, you wants goals you can’t handle goals. Think Bush and Blair were a couple of clowns we’re funnier and better dressed. Ed Miliband talked of helping a democracy after their unelected President, self appointed after a quiet coup, asked for help. Ed’s in with equals with Cameron and Obama.

Yet 2003 was planned. Sure Rumsfeld threw the post invasion plan in the bin. However unlike here where the people involved are doing it to placate the weapons industry and help the Democratic party in the mid terms. Yet there is no aim here other than the most nebulous. Bush and co for reasons that may seem laughable in reality wanted to build a stable Arab democracy and control a shit load of oil. The Obama Administration and Cameron Govt are doing this because? Find one regional expert who expects bombs to achieve Bo Diddley. They talk of a 3 year war but there is no plan. It’s a case of bomb and play it by ear no strategy no goal no endgame no thought.

Make no mistake if Bush was stupid Obama, Miliband and Cameron are dumber and clearly so. If he was nefarious then they are more nefarious and clearly so.

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Sep 21

It’s really lucky that the UK Parliament has Rory Stewart as Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to point out bombing Islamic State is a complete waste of time and resources. He can tell Cameron and Cameron can tell that nice chap Obama and job done. After all Cam’ and O’ laughing and joking and being good fellas to down a few with and can leave serious stuff like thinking to the likes of Stewart. Also Cammy and Oey could just ring our allies Qatar, Saudi and Turkey and tell them to stop fucking helping Islamic State if it actually mattered to them. It really is that simple.

Of course who can blame the Obama Administration the Democratic Party might lose Senate seats and State Houses if it challenged the moronic wisdom of the narrative it has created to drone people for no reason. They can hardly say look we’ve been lying for 6 years and actually the truth is we killed lots of people because of PR.

Then again O’ could just flippantly say “We murdered some Folks”.

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Sep 06

I was asked about Cameron the other week and I responded he probably was not a bad person. Indeed some of his more blood thirsty colleagues like Miliband or Balls or Osborne or Obama probably in most other circumstances would not be drenched in masses of metaphorical blood. It’s just easier for some to hate ‘The Tories’ even as the poffer the same solutions as the Lab rats who condemn them in the hope no one will notice they’re One – U2’s standard should be Labour’s election song this time “We’re One But We’re Not The Same” albeit it won’t be easier on people without the Tories to blame.

However regardless of what these people say and what they say to themselves and excuses they make for themselves it really does not matter how nice or good they are. You do evil shit you’re an evil shit. As someone who reads the tweets of the World Economic Forum you realise that as they print money and reduce wages no one expresses the motivation to subjugate the Western Poor and monetize society so they can get richer. Maybe some of these clowns think they are doing some good. Some may even suffer in their gated houses hours of anxiety at the poor ranging from Pity to Fear of the poor.

It’s against this background that the GQ awards made the mass killer Tony Blair Philanthropist of the Year. Even if true again whilst he personally might support charities and be nice to puppies the debit side of his balance is ‘unpaybackable’. I thought maybe he could have offered to swap places with one of Islamic State’s hostages which would pay back maybe half a percent about a Billion times more than he has so far.

In the end at least with Hillary Clinton, Putin, Cheney, Merkel, Sauds, Netanyahu etc  there is less pretense or self deception these people are greedy authoritarian scum and barely deny it. They don’t need rhetoric or reason or expensive suits for what they do. That is why I dislike the former lot more.

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Aug 02

You understand the more you learn that sociopaths make it to the top of society. That empathy is a weakness in climbing the greasy pole. That in private these people may be glib and dismissive of Joe Schmo. You just don’t expect it in public.  Comically some who espouse leftish liberal views and think of that as a moral step ladder defend the Administration, an act of mental gymnastics a 10 underscores.

The man who delights in his ability to kill could have gone further and rather than produce some 9-11 related mass hysteria excuse admitted he proudly tortures too – what’s his excuse the US’ exit from the 2008 World Cup? Probably. Maybe the Administration can’t just bring itself to disillusion Democratic members that they’re no better than the last lot. Maybe this non telling is after all a act of mercy and humanity. Then again those ‘liberals’ would probably forgive the Administration if it droned a close relative, children excepted, provided it could label them as say ‘terrorists’ or better still ‘bad tempered’ or ‘anti social’.

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Jun 29

Americans have jobs making weapons is that it? Cos nothing else makes sense anymore.

Giving half a billion to re-stoke the Syrian contest that is all but won by the other side is merely a gesture of inhumanity the impotent grunt of an increasingly weak President. It is using the Syrian people as statistics. It’s support to groups known to have used the chemical weapons that was the supposed red line of the President about the other lot. The US will now spend Billions fighting even if by proxy the same forces it is arming in Syria in Iraq. No one with a hold on reality could claim that ‘enemy’ ISIS forces (numbering only a few 1000) won’t get hold of the weapons. That is such a poor position it’s probably handy for the Administration that John Kerry a man for whom the sobriquet ‘useful idiot’ would appear polite understatement is there to state policy with a straight face.

We have to face the fact for all our pinsticking in Bush effigies Bush had a doctrine – dumb as it may seem to us. This Administration has no doctrine or ethos or humanity or intelligence.

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Jun 14

The good thing about being in favour of wars is that generally speaking when you’re backing UK/US winning it’s easy. Triumphant rhetoric flows like the Rhine. Justification rhetoric is almost a doddle as inevitably the opposition ‘leader’ is a vile despot our politicians constrained by history, aided by  a compliant media, cannot easily be said to be as evil as.

Anyway after 12 years the Iraq policy unwinds. After the last 2 Presidents said Mission Accomplished and a Strong Stable Iraq and began selling them weapons (seriously WTF does Iraq need with £3 Bn of F16s with half the country destitute?). It reminds me of the Chinese building an enormous wall and the Mongols being let through the gate by an army who no longer cared! After 12 years of Neo Con/Liberal bollocks the fundamentalist loons have just been allowed to walk in. All the 100s of Bns of dollars of weapons and training a complete waste.

America and UK well done you went into Iraq to fight a non existent al Queda and now have created a Sunni fundamentalist army that may be worse. Orwell was a fool who only foresaw how you would create a pretend enemy not then make it real. That is alchemy. That is genius. That is sick, man. American Hustle, indeed.

Sadly Rumsfeld and co gloated and enjoyed themselves. The rational felt sad then and sadder now. A nation of cunts rose up with their Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys… Yet whose side are the cowards? Whose side stood by to be mocked? Who stood against the easy rhetoric crowd?

Hawks, for what it’s worth it’s worse than we feared then. Yours Doves.

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