Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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May 21

Ah after having his dreams of destroying other lives put temporarily on hold BA’s diplomat in chief wee Willie Walsh now wants to the unions chiefs to do what his mates Brown and Adonis failed to do and force the workers to call off the strike.

Really the only thing left on the table is Walsh’s desire to punish the workers. Which from a company whose business practices have cost it the thick end of a Billion and who is about to post a £531 Mn loss might seem petty self aggrandising, if it can be called that in anything other than the depraved circles of chief execs. Indeed it would appear that Walsh is a micro manager who is missing the big picture here.

Sadly he’s won. He has the concessions he wanted. It is only his insistence of putting his foot on the throat long after the opponent has tapped out that is prolonging this. Even Mad Melanie Phillips called him a bully boy. After all cabin Crew are Daily Mail readers not some 70s stereotype referring to everyone as bruv and sister. BASSA once broke away from the TU movement and especially the TGWU only sadly to find itself back in the union of Bill ‘Sell-out’ Morris and Mr Harriet Harman.

Walsh really is suffering from enemy recognition problems here. The real enemy is the fools who want to tie up with American an airline that will make a profit the day Walsh recognises the rights of workers. Or buy into Iberia.

Quite what flaw Mr Walsh may have that makes him want to beat an opponent and then defaecate on them is beyond me. One former Chief Exec of the airline used to consult his psychiatrist to  try to beat the unions. It’s a company with a history of unstable and unsavoury leaders since the tedious Marshall.

Saddest part of all Union members recognise the problems of BA and are willing to compromise. It seems that having a Pyhrric victory for the city is the main aim of the board.

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